Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro
  • Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro

GPS module for 70mai Dash Cam

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The GPS module for the Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro adds many other features, such as GPS coordinates and current speed displayed in the loop or ADAS assistance system for increased traffic safety


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GPS module for 70mai Dash Cam

The GPS module simply clicks on the camera instead of the original cover that holds the camera on the windshield. Features that the GPS module adds:

  • actual vehicle speed and GPS coordinates directly in the video recording, which will certainly come in handy as evidence in any traffic situation
  • ADAS assistance system notifies you that you are not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you + warns you in the traffic jam that the vehicle in the front of you has moved
  • LDWS, which alerts you when you leave the lane

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The assistant for the distracted drivers

Driving in today's traffic is not easy. All drivers must deal with the inattention, stress and aggressiveness of other drivers.

Of course, the Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam together with the GPS module is not the only solution, but it can help many of you move around our roads.

For example, if you are listening to the radio in the traffic jam or watching Instagram, the camera will warn you that it is time to start moving because the vehicle in front of you is already moving.

Failure to keep safety distances is also a very common inconvenience, which causes unnecessary accidents. This camera will help you determine how far you should go from the vehicle in front of you, so that you still have enough time to react to any unexpected situation.

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- 1x GPS module for Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam

Warranty: 24 months

Compatible with: 70mai Dash Cam Pro, 70mai Dash Cam Lite


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