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Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Camera

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Top, long-term most popular car camera on the Czech market. Great close-ups of day and night, widescreen 165° shot, FullHD and 2K shooting, large 2.7"display, distance and lane departure assistants (off) WiFi connection, long cable, control app for phone in english. Color: gray


1314.05 tax excl.

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Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Camera

The most popular car camera on the Czech market. For a very affordable price, it will offer top-quality footage both day and night, detailed shots will allow you read for instance license plates. A lot of Youtuber's Dash Cam videos are using this camera.

The camera is controlled by HW buttons under the display. It has WiFi connectivity, Yi Dash Cam allows you to view your footage, set up your camera or update it. There is a long cable to the camera so you can hide it under the interior trim.


Do I have to turn on the camera every time I go somewhere?

No, you don't. Everything happens automatically. Most cars turn off the 12V socket after the engine goes off and the door is opened, then turn on again when the engine is started, so the camera turns on and off accordingly.

Is it difficult to remove the camera from the windshield? Can I use camera in multiple cars?

There is one car holder with 3M sticker in the box, when you stick it to the windshield, you can't reuse it again. Removing the camera from the holder is simple, snap the camera into the side for a second and disconnect the cable and vice versa. So the camera can be hidden from the thiefs. If you plan to transfer the camera between multiple cars, we recommend you buying a second holder with the suction cup, or a spare car charger / microUSB cable.

How do I get videos on my computer? How does the footage recording work?

Videos are stored on a microSD card that is not included in the box. You need a class 10 card. You can transfer the videoclips either via a mobile phone connected to a camera's WiFi, or in case of a larger data transfer, connect the camera via a microUSB cable to the computer or put the memory card in the reader. Records are cut into sections of several minutes, which are then rewritten from the oldest when the card is full.

Can I preserve my current record? I see something interesting on the road and want to stop the current recording here.

Yes, just press the left HW button. The camera will record another 10 seconds and save the recording. Depending on the recording size, you can easily find the desired clip on the card.



FullHD quality

The camera offers FullHD resolution of 1080 with 60 FPS, it can shoot up to 2K video with 30 frames per second. The camera is further equipped with a WDR optic that guarantees a very sharp image. Reading the license plates or other details in an accident will not be a problem.

ADAS security system

ADAS, the Advanced Drive Assintance System, is a technology to get a better insight into what's going on in your car. Audible signals will alert you when you leave the lane or the road and the approaching car ahead of you.


The camera is equipped with many other features

- Large 2.7"

- Wide angle 165°

- G-sensor for automatic determination of force and direction of impact

- A short distance warning

- Inconspicuity - Dimensions: 74mm x 52.4mmx 32mm


Each Xiaomi Yi Smart Dash Camera purchased from us will include:

- Yi Dashboard camera

- connecting cable

- Car charger

- Windshield holder with 3M sticker


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