Roborock Virtual Wall Universal Magnetic Tape

Reference: 4002

Virtual wall for Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners. Length 2m. Colour brown.

Compatibility: Roborock S6/S6 MaxV/S6 Pure/S5 Max/S5/S4 Max/S4/E5/E5 Mop/E4/E4 Mop/E3/E2/C10


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Original virtual wall for Roborock robot vacuum cleaners.

The virtual wall is used to tell the vacuum cleaner where it can and cannot go. It is a special magnetic tape 2 meters long, which you cut to size and stick where you need it. So if you leave the bathroom door open during the day, it's definitely a good idea to use this tape to prevent the vacuum cleaner from accessing the bathroom so that it doesn't suck water up from the floor. Or if you know children, they constantly leave toys strewn all over the room, you can leave the children's room out of the regular vacuuming and always move the vacuum cleaner in there by hand when the room is tidy.

The tape is two metres long, 25mm wide and 2mm high. Unlike laser virtual walls it needs no power and is not limited in its range, you can easily buy as many tapes as you like and they work along their entire length.

Manufacturer: Roborock

Color: Brown

Compatibility: Roborock S6/S6 MaxV/S6 Pure/S5 Max/S5/S4 Max/S4/E5/E5 Mop/E4/E4 Mop/E3/E2/C10


Data sheet

For vacuum cleaner
Roborock S5
Roborock S5 Max
Roborock S6 / S6 Pure
Roborock S6 MaxV
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