Xiaomi Roidmi 3s FM Transmitter

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Xiaomi Roidmi 3s FM Transmitter - listen to music and charge two devices at the same time! 


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Music Bluetooth Car Charger

• Fully compatible

• Music playing

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Car charger

Wireless projection, intelligent connection

Using special close-field FM function, perfectly trans mit the audio content from any phone or any other audio AOO into Car FM Audio device by wireless projection. Only one simple operation, automatically playing next time.

Compatible for all cars

Using metal elastic contact design, more elastic, adapted for different sizes of car cigarette lighters. Compatible for all kinds of cars in the market, csience size, convenient to use.

Connect the car charger with mobile phone App and listen to massive high quality music.

High-quality circuit main control chip

Use the high-quality DC/DC master control chip designed by famous manufacturer. Not only provide 8 circuit protection but also fully improve the charging efficiency.

Safe use of car elecricity

High-quality stainless steel, safe shrapnel-type plug electrode technique. We use stainless steel as the conductive structure material of car charger. Roidmi 3S can avoid the danger of burning, virtual connection and heat caused by elastic material. In the production process, we choose safe and compatible shrapnel-type contact electrode technique. Protecting your cars from each components.

Hight quality Brass Electrode

High-quality brass processing, the integration of brass pearl plating process, through milling-channel complex craft to produce, conductive fast, goood heat dissipation, resistance to high or low temperature and other good characteristics are integrated into one.


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