USB kabel 15cm
  • USB kabel 15cm

USB-C digital AV adapter (unwrapped)

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The original Xiaomi USB-C multi-port digital AV adapter. Outputs: 1x HDMI (4K), 1x USB Type-C, 1x USB 3.0


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The clear trend for the next few years will be to unify the connectors into one single - USB Type-C. Modern laptops, such as the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, already have this connector, but we won't throw our accessories away.

Simply plug this adapter into the USB Type-C connector of your computer and get another full-featured HDMI, even in 4K output (you can connect up to two external monitors to Mi Notebook Air), a large USB 3.0 connector and of course the original USB Type-C connector , need to charge your laptop.

Transfer data at speeds of up to 5Gbps, each cable in the adapter is perfectly shielded by copper fiber and is designed for maximum durability. The adapter supports the USB-C Power Delivery 2.0 protocol, so it can correctly recognize connected devices and properly adjust the input / output current and voltage.

The adapter is compatible not only with Xiaomi notebooks, but also with Apple Macbook and other computers, it is a standard plug & play.

You can also connect the adapter to new mobile phones or tablets with a USB Type-C connector (such as Xiaomi Mi5 or higher, or MiPad 2) and use the adapter as an OTG adapter to connect other peripherals.

Notice! Check if your phone / tablet supports HDMI output! New Xiaomi phones / tablets no longer have this support, they can be connected to TVs wirelessly through Mirror Screen.

Manufacturer: Xiaomi

White color

Length: 15cm

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