USB Type-C reduction
  • USB Type-C reduction

Adapter USB Type-C to 3.5mm jack - white

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Cable with USB Type-C connector with 3.5mm jack connector . Allows headphones to be connected to all devices with the specified USB-C input. High-performance design ensures high durability and long service life.


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If you bought a new handset with a two-sided USB-C connector, you've certainly noticed that years of broken cables and chargers are now useless. Then this reduction is sure to fit you, which also makes your old charger or cable a modern helper for your phone.

Notice! The reduction can not be used for USB OTG mode, please use the USB Type-C connector directly to reduce the USB-OTG to use OTG (flash disk, card reader, or mouse to phone). You can find it here .

Manufacturer: Xiaomi

Black colour

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