Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen
  • Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen
  • Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen

Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen

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The world is getting smarter and the quality of life is increasing every year. Most of us focus on a healthy life with an active and healthy lifestyle. We choose the best things for our health. Such is the Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen, which is used to control water quality.


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There is no water like water

- Sometimes you are unsure of the quality of the water because you travel a lot or have a cottage or you are a lover of nature. Xiaomi Mi TDS - a pocket meter that you can even hide in your pocket tells you whether you can drink water without any problems. This handy tool presents the perfect companion in nature and on vacation. You do not have to worry whether the ingestion of water in nature will leave you with consequences.

- Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen has a tiny display on which after dipping a part of the tester into water, it will appear number. So you can judge how good water you are about to drink.

Water Quality Scale:

0-50 (highest quality)

50-100 (high quality)

100-300 (standard Quality)

300-600 (scale)

600-1000 (very bad taste)

1000-x (not suitable for drinking)

- The device is of course IP68 waterproof and powered by two interchangeable batteries. The scale range is 0 - 9990 points (1 point = best water quality, 9990 points = bad water).


- Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Tester Pen responds to organic substances, heavy metals and soluble salt content. Thus, the name Xiaomi Mi TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) was created.

- The Xiaomi water quality meter will not reveal everything and certainly should not be decisive for you if you drink water or not. Rather, common sense should serve this purpose. But if you go on vacation to lesser known destinations, or simply want to be sure of water quality, it's a simple and portable solution. As far as possible, he manages everything.


  • veery compact dimensions
  • accurate water quality meter
  • durable waterproof construction (IP68)
  • anti corrosion material, titanium TDS probe