Five Development IT-122 - infrared thermometer

Reference: 2012

Five Development IT-122 - non-contact infrared thermometer with LED display. It measures the temperature in just 1 second, accuracy 0.2°C. Backlit LED display - green (normal temperature), orange (elevated temperature), red (fever), measurement from a distance of 5-8cm, automatic shutdown after 15 seconds, memory for the last 32 measured values, the choice between °C and °F. Color: white-purple. Battery 2x AAA included - ready to use immediately.


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High quality non-contact thermometer for offices, shops, surgeries, hospitals, but of course also households. The year 2020 changed everything and having a non-contact thermometer with you seems to be the new standard. So whether you need to measure the temperature of your colleagues, clients or customers, you are at right place.


  • Immediate measurement and display of temperature within 1 second
  • No contact with the measured person is necessary
  • Backlit LCD display, changing color according to the measured value
  • Optional alarm from a certain temperature (can be set)
  • Memory for the last 32 measurements
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds of inactivity
  • Mode of measuring the human body and other surfaces

This non-contact thermometer is very easy to use. It is always ready - just point and press the button. You will find out the temperature of the measured person within 1 second. The display is backlit according to the measured value. If it is green, everything is fine. Orange indicates an elevated temperature and red stands for a fever. In the event of a fever, you can also optionally set an audible alert.

The thermometer has a memory for the last 32 measurements, which you can browse as you wish. The measurement accuracy is then +/- 0.2 ° C in the range of values 34-42 ° C. Of course, the thermometer can be switched to Fahrenheit.

In addition to measuring the human body, you can also switch calibration to measuring surfaces and measure the temperature of food or other objects as you wish. However, the accuracy of the measurement is no longer so precise here, the thermometer is primarily calibrated to measure the human body.

Setting options

  • Offset setting +/- 2 ° C
  • Fever alarm from a certain temperature
  • Switch between °C and °F
  • Mute / Unmute the beeps 


  • Thermometer Five Development IT-122
  • Czech and English instructions Manual
  • 2x AAA alkaline batteries - ready to use immediately

The product does not come from Xiaomi, nor does it have anything to do with this company. Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not currently offer a certified non-contact thermometer.


Data sheet

Other features:
Measuring range 35°C - 42°C, measuring accuracy +/- 0.2°C at 34-42°C, response time 1s, measuring from a distance of 5-8cm
9,6 x 4,3 x 14,9 cm
2x AAA bateries
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