Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

24 months

High-end aluminum bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi. Colors: gold / blue / pink


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This beautiful aluminum speaker fits into any bigger pocket or backpack, so you can not just rely on the weak speaker on your phone for your joint trips with friends and enjoy your favorite music anywhere. It also comes in handy in the garage for your winter grooming.

The great thing is that it has, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm jack input. You can switch songs by using the buttons on the side or by connecting the cable to your MP3 player .

With the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker, you can also make handsfree calls.

As it is a good habit for Xiaomi, it offers reasonably priced high-end components from respected manufacturers . In this case, the Avner AV3102 is present for the purest audio experience while maintaining low battery consumption even at higher volumes.

Two 36mm speakers with powerful NdFeB magnets and Ferrotec FRM4005 magnetic liquid cooling technology provide a full, dense sound that does not match with comparable HiFi systems. A passive radiator between these two speakers takes care of the bass component of the music . The maximum performance of the entire replica is 2x3W.

Built-in 1500mAh battery lasts up to 8 hours of music playback and can be charged up to 2A charger or powerbank, which you can also buy at our store.


  • Xiaomi Mi bluetooth speaker in gold, pink or blue color
  • Instruction manual
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, AUX input 3,5mm
Other features: Max power output: 2x 3W Two speakers 2x 36mm Handsfree Frequency response (-10dB): 85Hz - 20KHz
Dimensions: 168 x 24.5 x 58 mm
Weight: 270g
Battery: 1500mAh (3,8V, up to 8 hours playback)
Material: aluminium
Charging time 2,5 hours

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

High-end aluminum bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi. Colors: gold / blue / pink

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