Huami Amazfit Cor

24 months

Huami Amazfit Cor - a luxury fitness bracelet will measure your daily activity, sleep, heartbeat, or notify you of an incoming call.

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Huami Amazfit Cor is a beautiful design fitness bracelet not only for young people.

It has a touch-sensitive 1.23 "color OLED display, no additional button is needed. The display is protected by a scratch-resistant slide.

The bracelet menu is in English .


What would be a bracelet if he did not show the clock. It is automatically synchronized with time in your mobile phone, so it can also handle time zone changes.

Measurement of daily activity

Amazfit Cor not only measures the daily number of steps you walk and the total distance. It will also show you how much you burned calories or notify you when you reach your set daily goal. You can easily find your current heart rate.

Smart monitoring of sleep and excitation

Amazfit Cor measures the length of your REM and non-REM sleep and you can experiment on how to improve your sleep based on statistics.

At the same time you can set the alarm clock for a set time, thanks to the vibration motor, Amazfit Cor wakes you with gentle vibrations without disturbing your surroundings.


Incoming calls

Is there an endless ringing of your phone? You can safely turn it off. Amazfit Cor will announce your incoming call with light vibrations on your hands.

Battery life

The bracelet is equipped with a 170mAh battery, which, thanks to its very economical components, keeps it running for about 12 days on a single charge.

Excellent processing

Look forward to a touch screen, covered with a scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 or a quality bracelet with a classic clasp fastening, as is customary for much more expensive models.

Amazfit Cor is also waterproof up to a depth of 50m, so you can take a shower or swim in the pool.


Control applications

The bracelet can be connected via Bluetooth with Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 9.0 or higher. A beautiful and well-arranged Mi Fit application is used as in Miband.

Color: black

Package contents:

- Huami Amazfit Cor in black

- Charging cradle for Amazfit Cor, ending with a USB connector for charging on the computer

- Instructions in electronic form on the web

*** automatically translated ***

Display: 1,23" IPS LCD
Weight: 32g
Battery: 170mAh
Material: silicone, stainless steel

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Huami Amazfit Cor

Huami Amazfit Cor

Huami Amazfit Cor - a luxury fitness bracelet will measure your daily activity, sleep, heartbeat, or notify you of an incoming call.

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