Kiss Kiss Fish Smart Vacuum Isolation Bottle white

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Kiss Kiss Fish Smart Vacuum Isolation Bottle Xiaomi in partnership with Kiss Kiss Fish comes with a thermos which has 475ml large capacity. In addition, it also has 24 hours of thermal insulation and cold insulation function. And it can be used to store boiled water, ice water, red wine, beer, coffee, porridge, soup and so on. You're worth it! White color.


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About Kiss Kiss Smart Vacuum Bottle

  • Compact and portable, comfortable to hold.
  • It can keep water hot or cold for as long as 24 hours.
  • Zinc alloy handle is useful for hanging and lifting up.
  • 475ml large capacity design makes it more practical.
  • It can be used for storing water, coffee, beer, soup and so on.
  • Perfect for office, hike, gym and other outdoor activities.
  • A nice gift for your family and friends.

Intelligent display temperature

Upgraded smart vacuum bottle, lid built-in hogh-sensitivity temperature probe, press to display the water temperature, temperature accuracy of +- 1°C, effectively avoid high temperature hot mouth. And if you want to see the temperature, just press the bottom of the bottle.

Perfect temperature, healthy for your body

Did you know that the most suitable temperature of healthy drinking water for the human body is 40-60° C? Hot water in this temperature range lasts long in this bottle, the average hourly temperature drop does not exceed 2° C.

Insolation data

Pour hot water at 95°C into the cup. After 24 hours, the water temperature can still reach about 45°C.

Pour cold water around 4°C into the cup. After 24 hours, the water temperature can still be as low as 10°C.

Small site, high capacity. Drinking water is easier

It can hold 475ml of water, which increases the convenience of daily travel and reduces the trouble of frequent water addition.


Data sheet

Other features:
Capacity: 475ml
Stainless steel