Xiaomi Bottle Mi Vacuum thermos
  • Xiaomi Bottle Mi Vacuum thermos
  • Xiaomi Bottle Mi Vacuum thermos
  • Xiaomi Bottle Mi Vacuum thermos
  • Xiaomi Bottle Mi Vacuum thermos

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Flask - thermos

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Warm up in style with the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum thermos. You can enjoy a hot and cold drink for up to 12 hours!


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Product description

- 316L Stainless steal

- Mirror Inner Wall

- 12 hours insulation

- 500ml large capacity

- Vacuum insulation 1mm

- Copper reflective layer

- The mirror electrolysis process

Stainless Steel 316L

The Mijia thermos insert is made od imported 316L stainless steel and consists of 18% chromium, 10% nickel, 2% molybdenum and iron. The high nickel content ensures resistance to acids and corrosion

Do not worry about contamination

During production, an electrolytic technology is used to remove the oxide layer from the stainless steel surface, creating a smooth and mirrored surface. Thanks to this, contaminants and bacteria are unable to fly to the walls, and the residues can be washed off without any effort.

  • Matte inner wall - Bacteria and contaminants stick easily and are difficult to clean
  • Mirror inner wall - Thanks to the clear and clean, mirror-like surface inside the cup, bacteria and impurities can con fly into their dreams

Mirror liner + Copper Vacuum layer

A layer covered with cooper reduces the radiation of the vacuum layer, the inner wall of the mirror reflects heat radiation, and the vacuum insulation layer blocks convention and heat conduction. Thanks to this, the drink in the cup is much slower to lose heat

Temperature change within 6 hours

- Warm 95 ° C -> 68 ° C

- Cold 3.5 ° C -> 10 ° C

Temperature change over 10 hours

- Warm 95 ° C -> 54 ° C

- Cold 3.5 ° C -> 12.8 ° C


Data sheet

Other features:
Capacity: 500 ml
65 x 65 x 217mm
Stainless steel
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