Kiss Kiss Fish smart cup - white

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Smart mug from Kiss Kiss Fish company in partnership with Xiaomi will retain water / coffee / tea in the required temperature of 5 or more hours. Made of stainless steel


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It looks like a bag has been ripped up with all sorts of clever things lately. An innovative company, as Xiaomi is undoubtedly, does not intend to take this trend from afar and is actively involved in the development of similar devices. This time, Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish came up with a smart thermos / mug. The base is an insulated stainless steel container of 430 ml , which has the task of keeping your drink at the same temperature as long as possible. But beyond this obvious purpose, the thermos bring a lot of gadgets in the form of smart features.

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And where to find these smart features?

Anyone who thinks that the answer will be the right one for a moment. Yes, smart features are hidden in the lid and you can access them through the economical OLED display on the top of the lid. Specifically, you can find the temperature of your beverage (accurate to + -1 degrees Celsius) and also the time that has elapsed since you filled the thermos. The manufacturer declares that the temperature of the hot beverages (such as your morning coffee) will last for at least 6 hours, and the thermos should at least keep the cold temperature of your cold drinks at least 5 hours . As a last resort, engineers from Xiaomi have prepared a little joke in the form of stone, scissors, paper . We can say with exaggeration that with this thermos you will never be bored. Switching between the various functions provides a simple finger-gesture.

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Smart, but beautiful

In these two words, most men describe their ideal partner. But finding someone takes such a long time, so you can shorten your wait by buying a clever Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish thermos, which by coincidence exactly matches these two words. The elegant and ergonomic shape combines with decent colors, all of which is complemented by a practical leather strap in brown.

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Package contains

- Smart Mug Xiaomi Kiss Kiss Fish

Warranty: 24 months

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Data sheet

Economical OLED
Other features:
Volume 430 ml
7,5 x 8,4 x 22,8 cm
310 g
Replaceable CR2032
Stainless steel 403 and plastic