Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 (Bluetooth)

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Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 (Bluetooth) - 3in1 - night light, motion sensor and light sensor. Automatically lights up on ambient motion, up to 365 days of battery life, magnetic base with 360° rotation, Bluetooth connectivity with Xiaomi Smart Home Hub. Can also be used as a motion sensor or lighting for other automation in the home.


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Product features:

  • Magnetic base - 360° rotation for flexible angle adjustments
  • Two brightness levels - dimmed 2.5lm and stronger 25lm
  • Also serves as a light sensor and motion sensor
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Mi Smart Home Hub - additional automation can be set up
  • Lasts up to 365 days on three AA batteries (up to 180 days on higher brightness, up to 17 months when used only as a motion/lighting sensor)
  • Warm 2800K light - no blue light to disturb at night

Innovative magnetic structure, you can take it with you and have a warm soft light in palm

The new night light is connected with an innovative magnetic structure. The separate lamp body is firmly attached to the base with a light set. It can be removed with a slight force when needed. In the dark, a soft light is held in the hand, illuminate the way to make you feel at ease.

Bluetooth and smart home connectivity

This night light also features a light and motion sensor and Bluetooth connectivity. So you can connect it to your Xiaomi smart home via Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub (must support Bluetooth). Then you can also use this night light as a light or motion sensor to set up other automations in the house. So, for example, if you come home from work and the night light detects motion, it can turn on five other ceiling lights, turn on the air purifier, or even the TV in addition to this light. It depends on your imagination and the specific use.

Can be stick or stood, placed in multiple scenes, light falls where it should be

The trapezoidal base allows the Mijia Night Light 2 to be easily placed on the bedside table, etc. The custom sticker set on the base can be firmly fixed to the stairs aisle, corridor entrance, bedroom corner, bathroom wall, children’s bedside, in the closet, etc. where light needed.

360° rotating stereo light, with flexible adjustment, illuminating every darkness

The semi-spherical lamp body is combined with the magnetic structure to bring 360° freely adjustable stereo light. Smart lighting changes as you wish, dispelling the darkness of every corner.

Two brightness adjustable, low-grade dim and gentle, high-grade soft and bright

Mijia Night Light 2 supports double-range brightness adjustment. Low-grade is suitable for getting up from sleep, gentle and not glare, high-grade for low light area, easy to illuminate the surroundings.

Energy provided by 3 AA batteries, while getting rid of the cable bondage, it does not occupy the wall socket. The Mijia Night Light 2 will mate you at 365 beautiful nights.

Built-in dual sensor, 120° wide range sensing, accurate judge under dark, auto lit on a move

Built-in photosensitive + human body dual sensor, lit for 15 seconds of no move movement detected, when the light is sufficient, light won’t be turned on, which in convenient and energy saving.

No visible flashing, no blue light hazard, scientific light source for eye protection

2800K warm yellow light, soft and comfortable does not hurt the eyes, the night light will accompany you, and won’t disturb the rest other family members.


Data sheet

Other features:
Light temperature: 2800K, Brightness: 2,5lm / 25lm, Shutdown after 15 seconds without motion, sensing distance 6m front / 2.5m side at up to 120° angle
80 x 62 mm
3x AA (not included), up to 365 days
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