Mi Viomi Smart Kettle
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Mi Viomi Smart Kettle

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Mi Viomi Smart Kelltecomes in the shape of a normal kettle, with a total black color. It is equipped with a high-definition OLED screen, timely display of water temperature


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Want a new kettle? Why to buy Mi Viomi Smart Kettle?

• Real-time temperature display water temperature intelligent control.

• Triple safety protection.

• Thermal insulation mode can be selected through the panel button mode, according to personal needs.

• Can be set up to 12 hours of accurate temperature.

• It can be kept warm for 12 hours and consumes about 0.5kW/h power.

• High power, fast heating.

• Short boiling time, only 4 - 6 minutes.

OLED Screen

This Viomi Smart Kettle equipped with HD OLED screen, shows the temperature at real time. When select the warm mode, the screen displays the icon and temperature simultaneously, making the operation more straightforward.

Four kinds of warm modes

The electric kettle can eb preset with four key isolation modes: milk powder, baby cereal, tea and coffee. You can also customize the settings according to your needs on the app.Adjustable temperature range: 40°C - 90°C

Temperature control function

After setting the appropriate temperature through the phone or kettle, it not only can be directly boiled to the preset temperature, but it can also be set to biol and then warmed to the present temperature.

Keep warm last 12 hours

The keep warm function will last up to 12 hours. After boiling water, it will enter 50°C for keep warm, and it can be kept for 12 hours. The power consumption is about 0,5 (Kw.h)

5 minute quick boiling

1800W high-power to heat up quickly, only takes 5 minutes to boil water.

Triple security protection

Automatically power off after the water is completely boiling, boil-dry protection, anti-leakage protection.


Data sheet

Other features:
Capacity: 1.5 l, Power: 1800 W
205 x 145 x 235 mm
1.3 kg