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Xiaomi Walking Pad
  • Xiaomi Walking Pad

Xiaomi Walking Pad

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Walking pad from Xiaomi for everyone who know they should do something for themselves, they just don't have the time or mood for it. The Walking Pad is slim, small and foldable, easy to bring to the TV and then take it back to the closet. Black colour.

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Movement benefits the body and mind, unfortunately most of us have a sedentary job and get some physical activity maybe maybe at the weekend, if at all. Part of the solution is the walking belts, which in the west of us penetrated into homes and workplaces. Would you like to go for a walk in the evening when you have fallen but you live in the city and your neighbourhood is not the safest one? Never mind, combine the walk with the evening watching TV.

What parameters can be expected?

 Loads up to 110 kg

 The device itself weighs only 28 kg, making it a crumb among other fitness trainers

 Remote control and mobile application control

 Minimum walking speed 0.5 km/h and maximum 6 km/h

 Child lock

 Overheat protection

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Xiaomi bet on simplicity, there is no complicated instrument panel, no handle. The whole device is mainly based on a quality design of the walking belt set in aluminum frames. IML surface treatment is used to form a metal surface front panel. An LED display for basic information is also placed on this surface.

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The aluminum alloy is extremely durable, but also incredibly light. This and the ability to fold the belt into compact dimensions with a few movements, allows easy handling of the device. Small wheels built into the front panel can also be used to move. Belt storage is a breeze thanks to its compact size (0.5 m2). So after the workout, just slide the device under the bed.

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How to control a belt without a classic panel? Simply by means of a well-arranged remote control that you can easily hide in your pocket. You will find the start / stop button, increase / decrease speed and switch mode. By linking the Walking Pad to your phone or smart TV, you can also view statistics and exercise logs.

Two speed modes

There are 2 exercise modes, the first includes manual speed control via the remote control. The more advanced mode is the patented Adaptive Speed ​​Control, which automatically adjusts speed to your pace.

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Package contains

Walking Pad

 Remote control

 Charger and cable


Warranty: 24 months


Data sheet

Other features:
Maximum load: 110kg
Minimum speed: 0.5km/h
Top speed: 6.0km/h
Folded: 822 x 547 x 129 mm, unfolded: 1432 x 547 x 129 mm
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