Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Selfie Stick
  • Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Selfie Stickfoldable and compact design allows you to hide wires quickly and fit it in your handbag or backpack. The sandblasted aluminum rod with six extension sections gives you total control over every selfie. It is perfect for capturing wide angles group photos.


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Main features:

- Xiaomi Bluetooth self timer

- Lightly press, take a light picture

- One button photograph

- 270 degrees of rotation of the stents

- Integrates design, total lengh: 70cm, 19cm shortest contraction

- 3.0 Bluetooth connection

Light and portable, record good every moment

Xiaomi Bluetooth self timer bar is only 133g, the shortest can be contracted to 19cm, and the other is to distribute small sling. It is more convenient to carry, allowing you to enjoy yourself anytime and anywhere.

The picture is wider

The pull rod of the self timer of millet Bluetooth adopts the aluminium alloy anodizing process. The texture is light and stable. One type design, freeadjustment of lenght and short lenght, and the longest 6 paragraph can be stretched to 70cm to meet the multi person combined illumination.

Many angles show you different beauty

The single arm mobile phone bracelet adpots double groove anti slip design, which can rotate 270 degreesm and it will not move more vertically and vertically.

A separate indicator light, the use of the state at the glance

When the indicatorr light flashes, it indicates the battery is not enought. It needs to be charged in time. During the charging process, the red indicator lamp is long and bright, and the blue light is long and bright. After a short press of thee seconds, the blue light is bright. If there is no matching connection it goes into dormancy after ten minutes. The light turns to 20%. After dormancy, it will not turn off automatically. Under the dormancy state, the 100% brightness is restored by the short picture light.

Operating guide

  1. The self timer opens: Press the camera key for 3 seconds. When th blue indicator lights on, the self bar starts flashing, the self timer bar goes into the Bluetooth pairing mode
  2. Connect the self timer: Turn on the Bluetooth function of mobile phone, search for “XMLYZPG” device, paired connection, and when the self timer bar blue lights stop flashing to turn long and bright, it shows that the pairing is successful.
  3. Fixed cell phone: Expand mobile phone bracket, fixed phone, you can directly enter the mobile phone photo mode


Data sheet

Other features:
wireless removable driver, Bluetooth 3.0 interface, charging via microUSB, for 56-89mm phones
190x45x49,5mm (+/- 2mm), up to 45cm long after ejection
aluminum, plastic