Xiaomi Mi Wifi Repeater 2

24 months

Xiaomi Wifi Signal Amplifier Mi Wifi Repeater 2.


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We all know this, we have a Wifi router at home, and its signal never goes as far as we would need, and watching serials or the Home Office from more distant rooms becomes literally impossible for us.

This brings you a simple and inexpensive solution in the form of the Mi Wifi Repeater 2 signal amplifier - the device will receive a signal, amplify it and become a transmitter again.

We are also interested in its own USB power supply - we can power it through a classic drawer, laptop or even PowerBank!

The setting is also extremely easy. You just need Mi Home, freely available on both Android and iOS. In the application, you must sign in to Xiaomi or create it.

After launching the application, click the + and Add device icon and select the Mi WiFi Repeater. You select the wifi network you want to amplify and the device automatically adjusts. Once finished, you just select the room and the device is ready, which is indicated by the blue LED.

Do not worry about your router, Mi WiFi Amplifier is compatible with most routers.

The device also has great compact dimensions of 12x3x9cm, weighing only 30g, so we can really place it anywhere. It can expand 2.4 GHz networks that are still the most widely used, unfortunately, it does not support a 5 GHz network that is already pushing to the fore, but it does not matter at the moment.

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Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, up to 300Mbps
Dimensions: 120x30x90mm
Weight: 30g
Input voltage: USB 5V (charger, powerbank, computer)

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Xiaomi Mi Wifi Repeater 2

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Repeater 2

Xiaomi Wifi Signal Amplifier Mi Wifi Repeater 2.

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