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Roborock S7 MaxV black - The best thing you can buy in 2022. 5100Pa suction pressure motor (+104% vs. last generation and S7!), excellent ReactiveAI 2.0 navigation system + 2 cameras in front including full color camera + LDS LiDAR - active obstacle avoidance, intelligent space mapping, room recognition, house floor recognition, can see in the dark, real-time camera view in the app, can remotely communicate by voice and video via vacuum cleaner. Advanced mopping - automatic mop lift on carpets (stays dry), vibrating mopping - up to 3000 vibrations/min for better cleaning, water flow adjustment, carpet detection for higher performance, No-Mop zones, HEPA filter, mobile app control and much more. The Plus version includes a docking station with tray and waste bags (no need to empty the robot for up to 8 weeks).


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Roborock S7 MaxV - our own summary without the marketing BS

This vacuum cleaner is the pure essence of several years of development by Roborock. It already has everything imaginable and is hardly looking for a competitor in 2022 at least. First of all - it vacuums with high performance. All Roborock vacuums so far have had a power of up to 2500Pa, this one has up to 5100Pa. On carpets, it automatically increases the power to get more dirt out of the carpets. Then there's the mopping. The electronic controlled water dispensing is already automatic, no more randomly spilling water into the cloth. But the S7 MaxV goes further. The mop now vibrates, up to 3000 vibrations per minute. This loosens more dried-on dirt from the floor, which it can clean. And it can lift the mop up so you don't have wet carpets. So you can finally clean your entire home in one go, without having to plug or unplug the mop.

And now the clever features. All MaxV vacuums offer a technology called ReactiveAI. This one has it in version 2.0 and it's a collection of cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence for maximum space orientation. LiDAR is a given. The vacuum remembers where it's been, where it hasn't been, and where to go. It doesn't drive chaotically. It can even recognise rooms and floors, and you can choose where or where not to go and when in the map. Vacuum cleaners have been doing this for years. But the S7 MaxV offers two more front cameras, one RGB - full colour. It actively monitors the area ahead and avoids obstacles. It recognizes clothes strewn on the ground, toys, animal excrement and other things in life. It sees it and knows how to avoid it. You can watch its ride live on the app. Thanks to the colour camera, you can see what's in front of the vacuum cleaner. You can use the integrated speaker and microphone to yell at your dog or pass on information to your kids. And security? The camera sounds invasive. Well Roborock boasts that its S7 MaxV has passed rigorous tests with TUV Rheinland and meets ETSI EN 303 645 cyber security standards. ReactiveAI 2.0 technology supposedly doesn't store any images or video anywhere.

If we had to pick a product from our range that we would boldly recommend to anyone without comment, it would be this vacuum cleaner. In general, there have been nothing but positive experiences with Roborocks and the S7 MaxV takes this to the next level once again.

The Roborock S7 MaxV comes in three versions:

S7 MaxV - just a vacuum cleaner with all the features mentioned above and a regular charging station.

S7 MaxV+ - vacuum cleaner + Auto-Empty Dock - a docking station that can suck all the dirt out of the vacuum cleaner via an additional filter into a dust bag and you don't have to empty the vacuum cleaner for about 8 weeks.

S7 MaxV Ultra - vacuum cleaner + Empty Wash Fill Dock - docking station that can also suck the waste through the filter into the dust bag, but can also wash the mopping cloth and refill the vacuum cleaner with water for the next mopping. This is new, it sounds extremely good, but it contains a lot of mechanical parts and we have no idea what the long term reliability will be.


Data sheet

Wi-Fi, Roborock app - Android, iOS
Other features:
Suction pressure up to 5100Pa, advanced moping, intelligent navigation, floors recognition, room recognition, HEPA filter
35,3 x 35 x 9,65 cm
3.6 kg
14.4V / 5200mAh Li-Ion, built-in, up to 180 min vacuuming
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