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Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating Rice Cooker

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Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker - Induction Risher for your household. Intelligent temperature control and temperature stability ensure that each rice is always perfectly cooked, exactly according to the type and origin of the rice. The ability to control over a mobile application.


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Mark Twain once said, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you do not want, drink what you do not like and do what you do not like."

We can not disagree with that, but what about eating something you want?

With our new intelligent rice pan, you can once and for all end the fight with unspoiled, burnt or cooked rice!

Cooking is sometimes a tedious and challenging journey to your desired artistic work on a plate, but we want to make it a little easier for you.



The cooker has optional programs to set the warming temperature and soft or hard flavor of rice, according to your preference. IH electromagnetic heating and the temperature control system hold the temperature inside and so perfectly cooks every meal for you.

With IH electromagnetic heating technology you can cook beef. How does it work?

Once the magnetic field lines penetrate into the pot, the inner pot begins to heat evenly. The maximum 1100W heating power gradually softens the raw meat fibers, complemented by a heat-insulating plate at the top of the pot gradually warming the meat to 360 degrees so that the flavor is evenly distributed.

You can also boil through two-way boiling, such as heating the soup. The IH heater not only evenly heats the pot, but can realize the internal temperature itself, heating the soup to the internal rotation. All important nutritional values ​​will be retained during this process. So you can stop using a microwave that kills all of these values.

Of course, we do not stop cooking, you can cook eggs or a variety of seafood with a slice of rice. Thanks to the Japanese Dakin branding for the food industry, the rice sticks to the surface of the pot and the 3mm liner thickness is sufficient to make a variety of seafood flavors with rice.

3,000 cooking programs for rice

Rice is one of the basic foods for at least half of the country's population. Some countries prepare national food and cultivate their culture. In Korea, even the invitation to the table is like "kin khao", meaning "come on rice". We know about 8,000 kinds of rice, and this rice maker can cook up to 3,000! Each rice has different properties and characteristics. While we can use the same steps in every way, but why should we, if it can be delicious? After repeated testing, we have accumulated more than 3000 types of cooking programs. With a mobile application, you scan the barcode for packing, and the rice maker precisely adjusts its cooking program for proper preparation (may not be available in the Czech Republic).

Control through application

Xiaomivam wants to simplify your life, so you can control the ratchet even with your mobile app. Offers basic features + many more. We can include, for example, cautions in the basics. When the rice is cooked, it will appear on the phone display. You can also set the length of rice cooking in the application, or how dry, soft or hard it should be.

But we do not end there. The application, as we have already mentioned, offers 3000 cooking programs + let us call it "seasonal recipes". If you already have ideas about what to cook or want to find a new inspiration, just open an application that will show you the recipes according to the season.

Xiaomi also offers an interactive platform for people who love food and want to share their culinary skills with others. Share your recipe and feel not only a sense of success but you can learn something from others and improve your skills.

* The application is also in English, the photo is for illustration only.


With its dimensions of 300mm x 251mm x 200mm and an elegant look, the rice cooker fits into every kitchen. On the top there is an interactive LED panel that displays information only when you use it. Xiaomi also applied fine melodic tones to make it harder to bind, not just "morning birds".

Inside is removable inner lid, which after cooking you simply select and wash, no burnt remnants. Built-in "bubble breaker" breaks air bubbles, which do not fit on the lid and thus prevents spillage around when you open the stove.

The new design of heat dissipation causes the air flow to the bottom of the pot to be more smooth and natural. High-quality evaporation of the air not only positively affects the electromagnetic coil, but can also extend the life of the rice paddle.

The enclosed steamer is made of food plastic that is safe and resistant to high temperature. Instead of the classic grid structure, the power of the steam generator is reinforced by the ascending convex bottom shape.



- Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker in white
- Spoonfuls of rice and spoon on the slice
- Steamer and scoop on rice
- Instructions in printed form + video guide

Warranty: 24 months

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Data sheet

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz
Other features:
Power 1130w, Rated voltage: 220V ~ 50 Hz
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