BigBlue B418 100W - portable photovoltaic panel

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BigBlue B418 100W - photovoltaic panel with an output of 100W. Compact and portable. Wide compatibility with most charging stations on the market. Special ETFE coating with up to 22% efficiency. Maximum output voltage and current is 19.8 V / 5.05 A. Durable workmanship with IP65 waterproof, radiation, corrosion and fire resistance certification.

Package includes: photovoltaic panel BigBlue B418, SAE to MC4 cable, SAE to DC 5525 cable, 10-in-1 connector kit (A/6.5x1.4 mm, B/6.5x3.0 mm, C/5.5x2.5 mm, E/5.5x1.7 mm, F/5.5x1.7 mm, G/4.8x1.7 mm, H/3.5x1.35 mm, I/2.5x0.7 mm, K/7.9x0.9 mm, L/3.0x1.1 mm), user manual.


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The BigBlue B418 100W photovoltaic panel can be used wherever there is no access to electricity. The device is light, compact, easily portable and very versatile. In the package you will find all the necessary wiring (see product parameters for specific connector names) and all you have to do is connect it to the charging station and your own island system is ready. 

High efficiency and performance using solar energy

The photovoltaic panel works on the principle of the so-called photoelectric effect - an electric current is generated by the impact of sunlight on a semiconductor material. BigBlue V418 increases its efficiency by using a monocrystalline surface treatment to ensure a superior solar-to-electric conversion efficiency of 22%.

The panel is capable of up to 100W of power, enough to charge any charging station in a short amount of time. 

For the cottage, for fishing, for camping

Make your stay in nature, fishing or at the cottage more enjoyable. The solar panel has enough power to run a TV, cooker, computer, charge phones and laptops and simply anything you can think of. It can also serve as a power source for your cottage and caravan !

Be prepared for an energy crisis

Prepare for the worst and have this compact photovoltaic panel ready at home. Times are uncertain, inflation and energy prices are skyrocketing and living standards are rapidly declining. Be prepared for the worst and have this portable photovoltaic panel ready at home to power everything important in your home in an emergency.

Wide compatibility

The package includes all the necessary cables to connect to any charging station on the market. So choose the charging station of your choice and capability. 


Data sheet

Other features:
Efficiency: 22% (Monocrystalline - ETFE), IP65 certified
Unfolded: 633x1080x5mm, folded: 633x540x17mm
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