Nextool Flashlight - flashlight, hidden camera detector and travel alarm

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Nextool Flashlight NE20042, 500lm - Powerful rechargeable flashlight with practical functions for your defense and safety on the go. 3 modes of illumination - strong (500lm, range approx. 200m), weak (20lm), strobe (intense flashing - used to dazzle an attacker or as an SOS element). Integrated acousto-optic alarm - when activated, the device triggers an intense audible alarm and flashing when moving. Hidden camera finder - using infrared light and special vision, you will be able to detect hidden cameras behind mirrors, dark glass, etc. (ideal for Airbnb travel). Charging via USB-C connector. Charging cable included.


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The Nextool NE20042 flashlight will become your inseparable travel companion thanks to its high luminous intensity of 500lm and excellent safety features that will make you feel safe when traveling and when staying in less trusted places.

Impressive performance

The compact design of the flashlight does not significantly affect its performance. The device has 3 main modes with a maximum luminous intensity of 500 lumens. You can choose between high (500 lm), low (20 lm) and strobe with 500lm output. The high mode gives you an impressive 200m of light. This mode is therefore ideal when navigating the outdoors at night. The low power mode will be used indoors in buildings and for general use, such as reading and looking for lock openings. 

Stroboscope - an effective assistant in self-defence and emergency situations

The effectiveness of the strobe is based on the intense fast flashing at high power, so it is no wonder that emergency services and the military use this feature on their flashlights. In this case, the maximum luminous intensity of the device is used, i.e. 500lm. This feature is a useful element of self-defense because it quickly disorientates and dazzles the attacker, giving you time to escape or directly defend yourself. 

Another use of the strobe is for signalling. At relatively long distances you can summon help because the flashing light has always signalled SOS and effectively alerted the observer that you are in danger and need rescue.

Hidden camera detector

Nowadays, there are more and more cases of tourists finding hidden cameras in Airbnb rentals and hotels in places where privacy is required. With this hidden camera finder, you can thoroughly inspect the property before you check in. It works with flashing infrared lights and a special viewport that lets you see the hidden camera even behind a mirror or dark glass.

Alarm function

A great safety feature is the integrated acousto-optic alarm. When activated, the device will react to movement and stronger shocks, triggering an audible and light alarm.You can use this function, for example, when hanging it on the handle in places where you spend the night, or you can place it on your luggage if you need to take a nap at the airport before your flight. 

Thoughtful design

6061-T6 grade aluminium, which is used in the aerospace industry, has been used in the manufacturing process. This gives the device high strength and resistance to wear and tear. In addition, the compact design of the flashlight ensures that you can take it virtually anywhere.


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Other features:
Camera detection, Eye detection, acusto-optic alarm
Flashlight with luminosity of 500lm, 3 modes - strong, weak, stroboscope
22 x 140 mm
78 g
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