Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

24 months

It will no longer be in stock. Please check out our current action camera offer here.

The Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera is an action camera for everyone who wants to have nice shots of their holiday and sporting performances.

The Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera is designed for everyone. It is suitable not only for athletes who appreciate the ability to record their performances, but also for anyone who likes to record unforgettable moments from their seaside vacation or in nature. With a classic thread you know from cameras, you can attach the camera to a tripod and then control your phone with Bluetooth and a special application. You can do so for example, family photos, or birthday birth announcements for your children that you will not miss out on in the end. Via WiFi, you can easily share your video from your phone with friends on social networks.


Change the way you shoot

Wide - angle lens high - speed camera instant sharing

Upload a good video, or capture a good photo should be as easy as winking the eye. Do not be fooled by heavy photo. Exactly for this purpose, Xiaomi has developed this camera, which not only offers amazing photographic results, but also comes in a body weighing only 72g. Now you do not have to pull a heavy and cumbersome technique that you have to unpack, fold, switch on, etc. Here you just need to press one button to get a great photo or video that you can easily copy to your phone via WiFi immediately share your friends with the social network.

Double Vision shots in Panorama

155 ° super wide angle lens.

In cooperation with the American team, Xiaomi has developed a special aspherical lens with an angle of up to 155 degrees. Thanks to it, you can easily capture high quality panoramas without ever moving back and forth, as you are used to from mobile phones.

Selfie photos? From all angles!

You know it. Somewhere you're traveling, you'd like to catch a few snapshots at the last minute, but you do not want to beg around the passers-by if they shoot you. In addition, the photo will often fail, and you must ask again. It's already past. Travel Edition Xiaomi Yi Cameras offers a high quality selfie stick that extends your hand by up to 71cm. Thanks to her you can capture the shot properly and then take a picture or shoot a video from the real situation, not the machined common pictures where you usually look like if you wanted to take a picture of a citizen. If the selfie stick is not enough, you can still use your phone as a trigger to connect with your camera via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Shoot the shots of life. You will be surprised.

The background of each image is far more dramatic than it looks.

People are afraid they will look good or not. Come to change it. Thanks to the rich accessory, you can attach the camera to any object, such as helmet, motorbike, car, ... or even your pet's body! Forget about something being shot and you'll be surprised at the great record you made. Every combination of accessories brings new creative ideas.

Remote capture of shots.

Share your experiences with friends

The traditional camera can not give your friends a dynamic demonstration of your experiences. With the Yi action camera, you can shoot anything that comes with you, with integrated WiFi to move your pictures to the phone and fill in the integrated editing function. Just add a color filter, music, a few more effects and the perfect short video is in the world! Sharing social networks is a trifle.

Compact but powerful yet.

In order to offer a camera that captures anything you think, while maintaining a compact body, each component has to undergo thorough development and testing. The camera is made of highly durable ABS plastic to ensure that you can use the camera even in extreme environments. (the camera is not waterproof in itself, it is necessary to use an original waterproof cover).


Each Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera ordered with us will include the following

- Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera
- battery
- USB cable

Warranty: 24 months

*** automatically translated ***

Memory capacity: Slot na microSD karty do velikosti 128GB
Camera: 16MPx Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS, světelnost f/2.8, úhel záběru až 155°, natáčení videa v 1080p při 60/48/30/24fps; 720p při 120/60/48fps; 480p při 240fps. Fotografie v maximálním rozlišení 4608x3456px.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi dosah až 100m, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Other features: Dálkové ovládání kamery z telefonu, Natáčení ve smyčce 0,5/1/2/5/10/30/60 sekund; časová spoušť 3-15 sekund, Podporované kodeky H.264 a MP4
Dimensions: 60,4 mm x 42 mm x 21,2 mm
Weight: 72 g

microSD card kapacita/rychlost

aka velkost microSD karty je pls podporovana? Pise sa 128MB ale na inych weboch pisu 64MB (xiaoyi.com)
A aka je vyzadovana min.prenosova rychlost microSD? Aj tota info sa totizto rozni. Ma to niekto realne otestovane? D. odpoved



Dobry den, jde s kamerou natáčet během toho co je nabíjena? Děkuji za odpoved

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Dobrý den,
na slovenském vyhledávači je to bohužel poněkud matoucí. Existuje kamera Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera bez selfie tyče (ta bude vždy levnější) a pak Travel verze, která obsahuje selfie tyč a je dražší.


2 druhy

Dobry den, na slovensom vyhladavaci heureka.sk som nasiel 2 druhy kamery Xiaomi. Jedna sa vola: Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera tato je za 130eur a druha sa vola: Xiaomi Yi Sports a je za 93 euro. Chcem sa spytat ci su 2 druhy kamier alebo je to ta ista. Alebo su s rovnakymi parametrami a funkciami ale je to len otazka balenia ako selfie tycka, stojan a pod. Dakujem za odpoved :)

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Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

It will no longer be in stock. Please check out our current action camera offer here.

The Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera is an action camera for everyone who wants to have nice shots of their holiday and sporting performances.

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