Xiaomi Yeelight LED strip


24 months

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Tape - Lighting accessory for your home. Mobile application control.

The Xiami Yeelight LED Strap can be another great addition to your smart home. If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or add lighting to where normal lighting does not get, read on.

The LED strip is an intelligent, flexible tape that can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to the adhesive tape on the back. The band contains 16 million colors, so everybody comes to it.

It can serve as an excellent refreshing tool in your bedroom, living room, kitchen (IP65 waterproof certificate, so even fine water from the kitchen sink will not hurt it) or even offices. And control is so simple.


The LED tape can work with your entire smart home via Mi Home, or you can use the application exclusively for Yeelight LED Accessories.

After adding the tape to the app, you can take advantage of the amount of work it offers. We will show you a few of them.

You will see the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


- Turn this button off or on


- color setting. Scroll vertically on the screen to adjust the brightness and adjust the color to the horizontal


- Set white light


- Automatic switching between the colors you choose yourself


- Contains preset modes of light, a variety of interesting themes such as sunrise, when light gradually reduces brightness to full darkness


- If you have a colorful thing in your dwelling, just touch the camera and the lights start to light up with this color

Basic parameters:

Power: 12 W

Optional colors: RGB

Operating voltage: 100 V ~ 240 V

Thread: E27

Length: 2m

Lifetime: 25,000 hours

Waterproof: IP65

Operating temperature: -10 to +40 ° C

Operating humidity: 0 - 85%

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Xiaomi Yeelight LED strip

Xiaomi Yeelight LED strip

Xiaomi Yeelight LED Tape - Lighting accessory for your home. Mobile application control.

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