Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi
  • Pokojová kamera Xiaomi Yi

Yi Mirror Dash Kamera

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The in-car camera that replaces your rearview mirror. Integrated touchscreen, front and rear camera, concurrent recording. Loop recording, WiFi connection to the phone, collision detection, driver fatigue detection.

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You know, you've been looking for a safety camera for a while, but you've got a car that's not yet equipped with a reversing camera. How do you combine it? Buy a camera and a new radio? Futility.

The Yi Mirror Dash Camera replaces the rearview mirror of your car. He simply puts it on. You will not see the mirror, the camera has a mirror surface, which you can see behind the car. In addition, there is a sophisticated electronics - a dual-core processor, a 4.3 "touchscreen, a full-angle FullHD camera with a 138 ° angle, and a rear HD cam that has a 120 ° angle of view. be equally important, it also serves as a reversing camera (requires assembly).


The whole camera is as thin as possible. The glass surface of the rear-view mirror at first glance does not even suggest that the display may hide, but the display always brightens brightly when it is started or when the reverse gear is engaged. On the other side of the camera we find a glass lens of the front camera, which is additionally equipped with an infrared filter to prevent glare. The camera is further equipped with a 3-Accelerometer, which is always ready to record. In case of a sudden collision, an integrated 3-axis accelometer is activated and the collision will be stored. Accelometer has 3 levels of sensitivity - high, medium and small, which you can choose according to your driving habits.

Display and cameras

The camera offers a large, touch-sensitive 4.3-inch screen with 480x800 pixels resolution, shooting at a wide 138 ° angle, ensuring that the camera does not miss anything, so you can see all three stripes on the highway if you're in the middle.

The front camera shoots FullHD (1920x1080p) at 30fps, or 1280x720p at 30fps.

The package also includes a 6,5-meter long rear camera that you can install on the fifth door of your car or its rear bumper. The record saves at a resolution of 1280x720p. At the same time, it is possible to connect to the parking lights and to use reverse camera when reversing and maneuvering.

The camera can be attached with a microSD card with a capacity of 8GB to 64GB. We recommend using 80MB / s faster cards. The video is saved in real time in H.264 encoding. With 64GB of capacity and recording for both the front (1080p) and rear (720p) cameras, you record about 6 hours of recording. If you record only with the front camera, recording takes 8 hours. Then, the oldest clips are automatically rewritten. In the case of smaller card capacity, the maximum recording capacity is adequately shorter (32GB - 4/3 hours, 16GB 2 / 1.5 hours, etc.)

Call for rest and integrated Wi-Fi

A great snack is a challenge to rest during long driving. Many of us underestimate the rest, and then potentially dangerous situations occur. If you are traveling for more than 2 hours continuously, a prompt will appear on the camera display. You must either manually close or stop, rest and restart the engine again (ie it is necessary to disconnect the power supply of the camera).

My camera also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can play your videos in real-time over the phone. Of course not during the ride!

Just download the Yi Smart Dash Camera. You do not even have to choose a memory card, you can download all the files directly to your phone.


Each Xiaomi Yi Mirror Dash camera purchased from us will include:

- Yi Mirror Dash Camera

- Rear camera with a long, approx. 6.5m cable

- connecting cable

- Car charger

Warranty: 24 months

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Data sheet

2.7" TFT LCD displej
světelnost f/1.9, max. úhel záběru 140°, natáčení videa až při 2,7K rozlišení
Wi-Fi 802.11n, iOS 8.0 a novší alebo Android 4.1 a novší
315 x 80 x 35,8mm (17,4mm bez čočky kamery)

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