Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh


24 months

Slimmer Power Bank in the market. Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh will ideally match with the latest luxury phones. Thickness of only 9.9mm, aluminum finish.

Xiaomi Power Bank 5000mAh, it's a luxury add-on for everyone. Forget the ugly plastic Power Banks. Charge your phone during the day at the level. This Power Bank is made of aluminum, its thickness has stopped at 9.9mm and the weight is only 156g. This is true anywhere, perhaps in the pocket of a men's shirt, which is not even conceivable with other Power Banks.

Power Bank is suitable for any phone.



That says it all. One of the slimmest power banks in the world can fit anywhere without feeling it. Shoulder pocket with shirt or jacket? Seamlessly. Women's handbag to the theater? Why not.

Securing electronics on a world level.

Nine Protective Layers, Developed by Texas Instruments.

This 5000mAh Power Bank is also equipped with high quality control chips from Texas Instruments.
Mi Power Bank not only provides nine layers of internal electronics protection but also increases efficiency.

Fully optimized charging and discharging

efficiency up to 93%

World-class chips are not only safer and more efficient than ever, but also maintain stable output voltages. Without exaggeration, charging with this Power Bank is safer than with an ordinary charger.

Lithium-ion batteries from ATL

Unbelievable battery life

The lighter and lighter Lithium-Ion cells that this Power Bank is equipped with come from ATL, one of the leading vendors whose customers include Apple. Power Bank charges your Xiaomi Mi4 once, iPhone 6 then 1.8x and iPhone 5S 2.2x.

Ergonomic design

The shape of the Power Bank now resembles the phone. It is taller and narrower than in the past, so it fits better. Anodized aluminum forms a protective layer against scratches and lasts longer. The button on the top edge is slightly concave, so you can easily find it blind.

Compatible with all popular smartphones.

The charger adapts itself.

Mi Power Bank automatically adapts to the connected device.
It is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, Blackberry and many other digital cameras or portable game consoles.

Manufacturer: Xiaomi

Color: silver (aluminum body)

Warranty: 24 months

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Dimensions: 125 x 69 x 9,9mm
Weight: 156g
Capacity: 5 000 mAh
For powerbank: 5000mAh
Input voltage: DC 5.0V
Output voltage: DC 5.1V
Input current: 2000mA (TYP)
Output current: 2100mA (TYP)
Charging time 3,5hod při použití 2A nabíječky


Dobrý den, záleží na Vašem telefonu. Pokud máte takový Xiaomi Redmi 2 nebo třeba iPhone 5, počítejte, že Vám telefon dobije tak 3x. Předpokládám, že budete vždy dobíjet tak z 20% třeba na 80%, v reálu málokdy dobíjíte přímo z 0% do 100%, pak by Powerbanka vydržela tak 2-2,5x.

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Dobrý den, výstup u Power Banky 5000mAh a 5200mAh je 1,5A



Dobrý den, chci se zeptat jestli je výstup powerbanku dvou nebo jednoampérový. Děkuji

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Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh

Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh

Slimmer Power Bank in the market. Xiaomi Power Bank 5000 mAh will ideally match with the latest luxury phones. Thickness of only 9.9mm, aluminum finish.

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