Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit
  • Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit
  • Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit
  • Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit
  • Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit
  • Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit

Yi 4K + Action Camera Waterproof Kit

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Yi 4K + action camera with 4K video recording at 60fps. Ambarella H2 chipset with 2GB RAM and USB Type-C connector.

Original waterproof case completely free!

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One of the best action cameras in the world has been improved by the 4K + model. What's new? First video shooting at 4K resolution at full 60fps . It is the first camera in the world to handle it, thanks in particular to the new quad-core Amba H2 chipset with 2GB of RAM, which offers 100% more performance than its predecessor and is also economical due to the 14nm process.

Camera has also gained an increasingly popular USB Type-C connector , so if you are on a new wave and your new phone is equipped with this connector, you only have one cable to charge. Data transfer has also doubled from a 20MB / su predecessor to the current 40MB / s. For comparison, Hero 5 will only offer 15MB / s, which is what you know when transmitting large 4K videos. You can also connect an external microphone via USB Type-C or AV Out.

Also new is voice control (English), which allows you to turn on recording, stop recording, take a photo or turn off the camcorder.

Everything else remains in the old - large touchscreen 2.2 "LCD panel to control all functions, lasting up to two hours of recording (at FullHD), about 80 minutes at 4K / 30fps and about 60 minutes at 4K / 60fps, WiFi and Bluetooth for control cameras through a mobile application (Android / iOS) or through a remote trigger.


Your world in 4K

Now at 60fps

Do you know what 60fps? This means that in a second, the camera captures 60 pictures compared to 30 pictures with the predecessor. If you shoot mostly a static image, you will not know the difference, but if you like to shoot action scenes - snowboard, water sports, races etc., you will definitely appreciate the higher frame rate. The image will look clearer and sharper. At the same time it will offer more details, especially if you slow it down during playback. The resolution of 4K for years evoked something unnecessary and expensive. But this is a thing of the past. 4K televisions and monitors are already falling below the limit of $ 10,000 and are slowly replacing FullHD. Whoever tries the 4K monitor once is no way back.

Think about the future, create 4K content today, in just a few years to show children only coarse dice. The Yi 4K action camera will record not only your seaside holiday or winter skiing, but also the everyday experiences of walks in nature, mushroom picking, birthday celebrations and more. Everything in 4K resolution at 30 or 60fps.

Large Retina Display

Gorilla Glass | 160 ° viewing angles.

In the first generation of Yi Action Cameras, you may occasionally irritate the display's absence. You're never exactly they did not know how the shot looks and what is all about it, while connecting to the phone is not in tense situations.

This is changing now. The Yi 4K + Action Camera features a large 2.19 "LCD screen with a 640x360 resolution, Gorilla Glass protective glass to prevent unwanted operating scratches and very wide viewing angles of up to 160 °, so multiple people can watch the record at once. , allowing for a whole set of settings, and advanced users can come in. You can win with white balance, exposure value (EV), sensitivity setting (ISO), shutter speed,

If you think the display is not big enough, you can connect the camera through WiFi to your smartphone with Android or iOS and see the recorded video and the shot photos on your phone or tablet.

Online streaming? No problem!

Would you like to share your current experience with your friends or subscribers? Yi 4K + Action Camera is ready for this. Thanks to the WiFi connection to a mobile phone via the 2.4 or 5GHz band, you can stream your current online video on Facebook and YouTube.

The feature will be appreciated by all YouTubes, as well as ordinary users who want to transfer their atmosphere to their friends or family, for example, from a running match or a celebration.

Exceptional battery life.

1200mAh battery 80min 4K Record | 8h standby.

Is there anything worse than a discharged battery? What's all the electronics for when it's been dumped for a while? 4K video shooting is an energy hub for mobile phones, but the Yi 4K + Action Camera is ready for it. A 1200mAh battery can handle 4K video at 30fps for reviews up to 80 minutes. If you choose 60fps, you can expect to spend about 1 hour of recording. However, if you need the longest record, you record an average of 2 hours of recording at FullHD resolution. Compared to established competition, these are very nice numbers, however, if this is not enough, we offer original spare batteries in our portfolio that can be easily replaced. At the same time, you can charge your camcorder during shooting by our power bank.

The best technologies to reach.

Seven - layer lens Powerful processor Electronic stabilization

Yi Technology has decided to use the best available technology on the market. The Amblitela H2 with four Cortex-A53 cores and a DSP chip delivers native H.264 BP / MP / HP encoding and low power consumption even when processing 4K video with up to 135Mbps video.

Included are 3D noise cancellation, 48,000kHz stereo sound recording, and three-axis EIS. It uses an integrated accelerometer and a gyroscope to record the camera's position and direction of movement, and the collected data goes to EIS, where the algorithm takes care of smoothing the record. Electronic image stabilization is now working on the 4K + i 4K resolution, specifically at 30fps. For the previous 4K model, EIS stabilization could only be used with FullHD resolution.

The Sony IMX377 sensor not only captures a higher image resolution than its predecessor, but also offers better picture quality, especially in poor lighting conditions. This is due to its size, reaching 1.55um, so more light will come on it at lower noise.

Waterproof case included.

We offer the camera in its original packaging in the so-called waterproof kit. This means that the waterproof case is also part of the package, with which you can take the camera to the sea, the raft on the Vltava River, or anywhere you would not normally want to take the electronics. The case also serves as a protection against mechanical damage to the camera. So if the camera accidentally collapses, there is a much greater chance that it will survive without a stroke in this case. The waterproof case protects the camera up to 40m of depth.


Each Yi 4K + Sports Camera ordered by us will include the following

- Yi 4K + Action Camera in black
- Original waterproof case
- battery
- USB cable

Warranty: 24 months


Data sheet

2,19" barevný dotykový retina displej, 640x360, 330ppi
Ambarella A9SE75 SoC, 28nm CMOS
Memory capacity:
Slot na microSD karty do velikosti 128GB
16MPx Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS, světelnost f/2.8, úhel záběru až 155°, natáčení videa v 1080p při 60/48/30/24fps; 720p při 120/60/48fps; 480p při 240fps. Fotografie v maximálním rozlišení 4608x3456px.
Wi-Fi dosah až 100m, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Other features:
Dálkové ovládání kamery z telefonu, Natáčení ve smyčce 0,5/1/2/5/10/30/60 sekund; časová spoušť 3-15 sekund, Podporované kodeky H.264 a MP4
60,4 mm x 42 mm x 21,2 mm
72 g
Cortest-A9 ARM dvoujádrový, 800MHz
1400mAh 4,4V Li-Ion, vyměnitelná, až 120 minut natáčení 4K/30fps videa na jedno nabití

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