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Mi Flower Care Smart Monitor
  • Mi Flower Care Smart Monitor

Mi Flower Care Smart Monitor

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Do you know what your plants really need? With this sensor you can finally talk to you! Move your plant cultivation skills to a new level.


Mi Flower Care Smart Monitor is a revolutionary device that simply plugs into a box, connects wirelessly with your phone and immediately finds out what your flower is missing. Does she have enough water? Fertilizer? Lights? What temperature is it? Or is it necessary to move the flower? This will show you all the applications on your phone.

Such a helper will use not only the beginners who have got their first flower pot and do not know how to care for the flowers, but it will also suit the experienced growers in their experiments with more sophisticated plants. Of course, every plant needs totally different conditions, always after installing the appliance into a new flower pot, you need to choose what type of flower you are exploring in the application. The application contains a database of almost 3000 species of plants and you will probably not have the problem to find your own.

TIP: Take pleasure in your wife who does not know the advice of any specific plant. Or children who can make the "electronics" element a bit more attractive to plant care.

Mi Flower Care Smart Monitor has been developed for several years, however heavy work has paid off. The sensor body itself consists of four main sensors - four EC sensors for measuring nutrients in the soil, a black metal fork is used to measure soil moisture, a temperature sensor with a precision of 0.5 ° C is hidden under the white plastic casing and the intensity sensor lights up to 100,000 cd / m2 and an accuracy of 100 cd / m2. Everything is powered by the CR2032 button battery that lasts about 1 year.

The sensor is waterproof to IP5, which means safe use of water from the sprayer in any direction. Long-term use in pots is trouble-free, but if you plant the plants hydroponically, put the sensor on the substrate always for just a few seconds to measure the current situation, but do not leave it there!

The Flower Care control application is available for both Android and iOS and is in English. In addition to a plant database and a link to individual sensors, it also offers a diary where you can write down your cultivation process and add it to your photos. You will have a comprehensive overview of how your plant has evolved over time and you may be very surprised.

No need to have anything special to the sensor, connects directly to the phone via Bluetooth, so you do not have to buy any control unit.

This is an EU variant of the sensor, so you will not have a pairing problem, unlike the Chinese specification.

Warranty: 24 months

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