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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh Type-C

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Xiaomi Powerbank Pro 10000mAh is the top Xiaomi's model. Supports 18W charging with USB-C connector, QuickCharge 2.0 for faster charging of your devices and thanks to its thin aluminum body it will not embarrass you even on business meetings.


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Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 10 000 mAh

The professional version of the powerbank is mainly about saving time. No one wants to wait for the power bank to finally recharge overnight, or to carry the power bank with the phone for longer than necessary.

Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 10,000 mAh supports fast QuickCharge charging in both directions.

Full charge of this powerbank: 1h 50 min (ordinary 5V / 2A power bank: 2h 30 min, saving: 25%)

Full charge of Android phone with 3090mAh battery capacity: 3h 30 min (ordinary 5V / 2A power bank: 6 hours, saving: 40%)

* for fast powerbank charging you need to have a charger with at least QC2.0 support. For fast phone charging, it must support at least QC2.0. Most of today's phones of the lower middle class and above already meet this requirement (2019).

Other important features - an extremely thin design with a thin profile of only 12.58mm, luxurious dark anodized aluminum


Why buy this powerbank and not a cheaper 10,000 mAh model?

It is thinner, smaller and lighter. At the same time it has USB-C port, cheaper variants still have microUSB connector, so you have to pull extra cable. Moreover, the gray metal looks representative

How many times does my phone charge me?

Regular Xiaomi phone with battery capacity of 3000mAh 2.5-times, regular iPhone 8 4-times.

Will it even charge MiBand or BT handsfree?

Yes, just press the power button twice on the power bank. A special low-power mode is activated, now it can charge MiBand or BT handsfree.

Do you sell some case for it?

Yes, you can buy a beautiful leather cover right for this powerbank, you will find it in the accessories card.


Up to 93% conversion rate.

Fully optimized charging and discharging process.

Sure, achieving 100% efficiency has not been successful yet, but Xiaomi is now very close. Thanks to the optimization of the charging and discharging process, Xiaomi Powerbank achieves a conversion rate between charging and discharging up to 93%.

Nine protective layers for maximum safety

Circuit security from Texas Instruments / MPS is a guarantee of quality.

Perhaps you know such catastrophic scenarios when the lightning struck in the lead, and you detonated a computer, a printer and a refrigerator. It does not happen very often, but why risk it? Powerbank does not protect the above, but your phone does. Thanks to the stable voltage and output current, the battery of the phone is fully charged and is not a problem. When charging from a wall outlet, you never know what will happen and if you do not have the phone as black as the next day.

Compatible with all popular smartphones.

The charger adapts itself.

A new addition to the Powerbank Pro 10000mAh is also the ability to charge laptops equipped with a USB Type-C connector, such as the new Mi Notebook Air or Macbook 12 ".



Each Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh ordered with us will include the following

- Xiaomi Power Bank Pro 10 000mAh in gray
- short microUSB - USB cable
- reduction from microUSB to USB Type-C
- instructions in electronic form on our website

Manufacturer: Xiaomi

Color: gray (aluminum body)

Warranty: 24 months


Data sheet

128.5 x 75 x 12.6 mm
10 000 mAh/3,6V
For powerbank:
Input voltage:
12V / 9V / 5V
Output voltage:
12V / 9V / 5V
Input current:
12V 1,5A/9V 2A/5V 2A
Output current:
12V 1,5A/9V 2A/5V 2A
Charging time
3,5 hrs (18W charger), 5,5 hrs (10W charger)
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