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MiBand 1 / 1A / 1S
  • MiBand 1 / 1A / 1S
  • MiBand 1 / 1A / 1S
  • MiBand 1 / 1A / 1S

Smart home control unit

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Please buy the european spec Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Set.

Control unit for Xiaomi sensors (temperature sensor, motion sensor), which can also be used as a lamp or alarm clock.


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The Xiaomi Control Unit is another of the smart home edition products to which you can attach a temperature sensor or motion sensor that you can find on offer or a door sensor.

You control the control unit through your smartphone with MiHome.

For example, you can use the unit as a lamp for children's rooms, you can adjust the color of light or brightness. Lighting can be switched on or off at a distance, or set off and on. You can also use the unit instead of an alarm or radio (only Chinese channels).

After adding and pairing individual sensors with your control unit, you can check the temperature and humidity of your room on your phone or check that no one is moving around your apartment / house.

The individual sensors constantly communicate with the control unit and send the current status to you when you turn on MiHome. When the temperature / humidity drops / increases, the unit can trigger an alarm or send a notification to your phone. Likewise, motion sensors or doors trigger an alarm or light on the control unit when recording motion.

For each sensor, you can choose your own alarm sound, so you can easily find out what's going on or simply look at your smartphone where notices go.

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