Xiaomi Mi Headphones

24 months

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Everything is about basics

Massive 50mm diaphragm, incredible sensitivity

The size matters. The size of the acoustic membrane is directly proportional to the sound quality. At the heart of the Mi Headphones, there is a sound system with a membrane that is 25% larger than a competing product and creates a bass with exceptional bass. It is only 2 micrometers thick and so sensitive that you can easily recognize even the smallest nuances in music.


Completely in the concert hall

Semi-open design for faithful interpretation

The headphones are equipped with 3D Audio and Dual-damping system. 3D Audio ensures a realistic sound experience in which you can distinguish individual song melodies. The semi-open look of the headphones limits sound distortion, and the Dual-damping system absorbs unwanted tones that are reflected by the sound of the headphones


Hear and be heard

Built-in Knowles microphone Cables covered with kevlar

No less important part of today's modern headphones is also a microphone so you do not have to hold the phone on your face like a Neanderthals next time you call. Mi Headphones are equipped with a high quality microphone "MEMS" from the American company Knowles, which gives the other side perfectly pure sound. The copper cable from the phone to the headphones is silver-plated, and it is certainly not without interest that it is not interrupted, but passes through it, just for optimal audio transmission. Independent stereo channels that lead audio to headphones are separated from the microphone to further minimize distortion during phone calls.

The Kevlar fibers, which are coated with the cable, resist twisting and tangling the cable to extend its life. The remote control is compatible with the vast majority of Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads running on iOS5 and higher.


Switch to higher volume

Impedance of 32 ohms

Do not be afraid to increase The low impedance of 32 ohms allows the music to be "full" and does not require much power. The best way is for headphones to be connected to a mobile phone.


Honey to look at

Aluminum grills Weighs only 220g

Someone may have the golden color of the headphones too courageous, but the fact is that these headphones never go out of fashion. The timeless retro design of the grills and the golden design reminiscent of the old good 80s, which made many popular singles. Despite the massive use of metal wherever you look, the hand weighs at an acceptable 220g.


Replaceable earphones

Personalize your earphones with your ears

The Xiaomi Mi Headphones contain two pairs of replaceable ear pads directly in the pack. One smaller, so-called superaural, ears that are especially suited for outdoor use and where you will not be a bit "odd", and second, larger circular earbuds around the ears that provide maximum comfort and are designed for home listening. Replacing the earrings is very simple, just turn the bayonet mount, remove the earrings, deploy the other and turn again.

Complete equipment

The headphones are supplied with everything you need on the move. Specifically, with the larger replacement ear pads, a gold-plated 3.5mm adapter to a large 6.3mm jack, an airplane adapter, a microfiber sack for such a compact travel and a large hard zipped case, if you want 100% protection during transport.

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Other features: kabel - délka: 1,4m, materiál: OFC (bezkyslíkatá měď), 3,5mm jack,
Weight: 220 g

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Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Sales of this product are over. We recommend looking around for successors here .