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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot Builder

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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot Builder - Modular programming toy for children and adults. 978 blocks of ecological material. USB-C interface, battery life up to 12 hours. Available for Android and iOS. Servo motor 170 rpm.


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Do you remember the legendary Mars kit? So this is her upgraded version, meeting the requirements of the new millennium. Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot Builder , a smart toy for children and adults, which will spark your creativity and teach you the basics of programming. With 978 blocks , you can assemble a robot of almost any shape and the only limiting condition is your imagination. All parts are additionally certified organic material , therefore they are not dangerous for our health or for mother nature. The battery lasts up to 12 hours in normal use.

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Perfect balance

Perfectly coordinated movements are provided by the 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor along with its own operating system. The robot is equipped with a USB-C interface (4x) that serves both to charge the battery, but also allows for additional expansion devices (Wi-Fi adapter, various sensors). Thanks to the inverted pendulum principle, the construction allows the robot to stand, maintain its balance, and even move forward with a load of up to 3 kilograms .

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Powerful servo motors

The robot uses two high speed brushless motors, up to 170 rpm and torque 25 Nm. To determine the exact direction and speed, it is equipped with a photoelectric sensor. In addition, this sensor serves as a fuse and prevents overloading of the motor. This means that it will put it in sleep mode if necessary.

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Program without writing a single line of code

And how do you teach a robot to do what you want? You will have to program it. But do not worry about it, programming can be fun too. Do not you believe? So you have not even downloaded the Mi Robot Builder app , which is ready for both Android and iOS users. With the main computing unit of the robot you connect it with Bluetooth and you can get involved. The entire programming process is graphic and consists of simple folding and combining of individual command modules. Of course, for a better orientation, a series of tutorial tutorials are available in the app, which will take you through the creation of a program from to and beyond.

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Choose your own way

The application can also be used on a simple remote control robot, which is made up of three skillful modes: Rocker, Gyroscope and Path . You can control its movement by simply moving the display, letting it explore the environment on its own, or prior marking it.

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Warranty: 24 months

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Data sheet

32-bit ARM Cortex Mx, frequency 108 MHz
Memory capacity:
32MB Flash
USB-C, Bluetooth, External Connectable Sensors and Wi-Fi Adapter (not included)
Other features:
Gyroscope, remote control via phone, expansion sensor interface, wireless sensor extension, support Android 4.3+ and iOS 6.0+.
Operating system:
11.1V / 18.3Wh lithium battery
Input voltage:
Output voltage: