Xiaomi Mijia "HouHou" set nožů
  • Xiaomi Mijia "HouHou" set nožů

Mijia Cool Black knife set

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Set of professional kitchen knives from Mijia experts in parthership with Xiaomi. Turn your home into a top kitchen.

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Turn your home into a professional kitchen!

HouHou, with years of experience in manufacturing luxury kitchen equipment, designed this unique set of two stainless steel knives under the auspices of Xiaomi. Only with these knives will you know what a real blade is.

Non-stick anti-corrosion surface with high heat resistance

The knives have a non-stick anti-corrosion treatment from the handle to the blades. Cutting vegetables and meat will be a trouble-free experience for you. In addition, this material is highly refractory and antibacterial!

Extreme sharpness!

The blades are made of one piece of high quality hardened stainless steel. This will ensure that the knives do not get stubborn.

Safety first

At the end of the handle was designed a rounded edge of the blade for your safety.


- 1pcs Xiaomi Mijia Cool Black Non-Stick Chef Knife 298mm

- 1pcs Xiaomi Mijia Cool Black non-stick slicing knife 307mm

- elegant box


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