Yi Home Camera 1080p
  • Yi Home Camera 1080p
  • Yi Home Camera 1080p

Yi Home Camera 1080p

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Room monitor Yi Home 1080p with FullHD support. Possibility to use the camera to remotely communicate with the family, to protect the property, as a room nurse, etc. The camera allows bi-directional transmission of sound through the delivered application and sends notifications to the phone if there is something in the house.


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Warning: This is an international version of the camera. So you can use the common Yi Home apps that you can find in stores on iOS and Android phones. No Chinese.

The Yi Home 1080p room camera keeps the body of the original 720p, but it still brings 1080p FullHD support, so your recordings will be much more detailed. New features include baby crying detection, so you can use the camera as a baby monitor.

FullHD recording in premium quality.

The 1 / 2.7 "CMOS sensor with a F / 2.0 optical zoom lens with a maximum 112 ° angle. Opposite to its 720p predecessor, it offers lens curvature correction, widescreen capture of distorted objects on the record, giving them real proportions.

New smart features

It's up to you to let the camera record continuously, or set it up for automatic triggering in case of an event. In both cases, you will always be alerted by a notification to your phone if something is happening.

As early as the first generation of the camera, it was possible to use it as a baby nurse, but now there is a feature of automatic recognition of child crying, the phone will receive a straight notification that you should check the baby better.

Another of the new features is bidirectional sound transfer. Imagine that you hear a barking dog, you can also scream at the desired commands so you can soothe it. Or you can shout out a cat that is once again on the kitchen. You will see how surprised it is.

In addition, you can choose whether you want to communicate in the intercom mode, when only one party can talk and the other only listens (as a transmitter) or in the hand-free mode where both parties can talk and listen at the same time.

The camera supports microSD memory cards up to 32GB. Imagine a chart with the length of the record when using different cards and resolution.

Supported resolution and data. flow 8GB 16GB 32GB
1080p / 15fps / 1.1Mb / s Up to 17 hours Up to 34 hours Up to 64 hours
720p / 15fps / 350Kb / s Up to 53 hours Up to 106 hours Up to 212 hours

You can also take advantage of the Yi Cloud cloud solution, which for a fee allows you to automatically store up to 30 days of continuous internet recording.

You can control the Xiaomi Yi room camera remotely from your smart phone or tablet, from a desktop / laptop computer with Windows. Just download the Yi Home app.

Through the app you can watch things happening at home anywhere, turn on or off, or take a picture. The camera is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and speaker, so if you need to work, you can talk through the camera to other family members who are already at home.

Package contents:

1x Yi Home Camera 1080p

1x USB-microUSB connecting cable (approx. 3m)

1x EU power adapter

Manuals in English + manual in Czech on our website

Warranty: 24 months

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Data sheet

Memory capacity:
MicroSD slot, min 8GB, max 32GB
1 / 2.7 "200W CMOS, F2.0, 112 ° viewing angle diagonally (94.5 ° horizontal, 49 ° vertical), video shooting up to 1080p
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2,4GHz
Other features:
Detection of baby crying, people. Night mode (8 infra led diodes, 8x940nm, up to 9 meters), highly sensitive microphone, speakerší
Operating system:
Linux, Yi Home on iOS / Android / Windows PC
114x80x32 mm