Yi Dome Camera 1080p
  • Yi Dome Camera 1080p
  • Yi Dome Camera 1080p
  • Yi Dome Camera 1080p

Yi Dome Camera 1080p white

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Second-generation Yi Dome rotating room camera. Compared to the previous one, offers 1080p resolution (FullHD), a pair of microphones for a cleaner sound track and a crying baby, while retaining all the benefits of the previous version. Color: white


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Warning: This is an international version of the camera. So you can use the common Yi Home apps that you can find in stores on iOS and Android phones. No Chinese.

The Yi Dome 1080p camera delivers FullHD shooting support, as the name suggests. Compared to the previous 720p model, another microphone has been added to the body for better audio recording, automatic detection of the crying baby (so the camera also serves as a good electronic nanny) and, last but not least, an improved night mode. All other assets remain.

The main prerogative of Yi Dome is the ability to rotate your body in two axes. In a horizontal axis about 345 ° and in the vertical axis then 115 °. With a wide-angle optics capable of shooting at 112 ° and 4x digital zoom, it is not a problem to hang around the room around the camera and hang up the camera in the middle of the ceiling.

With Yi, night vision support, which is provided by eight infrared LEDs (940nm), bidirectional voice communications, notification of phone notifications, if anything moves, or the ability to set the camera automatically to rotate based on predefined preferences is a matter of course.

Shot in 360 °.

If today's cameras have very wide angles, it may not always be enough. If you have too much room or you want to occupy both ends, you can either buy two ordinary cameras or one rotating Yi Dome!

It can move both left / right (up to 345 °), up / down (up to 115 °) and serve both in the home and in the store where you need to monitor multiple zones at once.

The camera is very easy to pair with Yi Home (Android / iOS) and you can record it. You can control rotation manually, or you can set up to eight preset locations between which the camera can automatically rotate and continuously shoot. You can also easily access these presets from the application, so you can set the "computer corner", "kitchen door", "sofa in front of the TV", etc., and tap the camera to rotate automatically.

The camera has motion detection function. When he detects movement in the room, he will send you a notification on the phone and at the same time he will record a 10-second video on which the detected person will watch and turn around behind.

Thanks to the built-in speaker and a very sensitive microphone, you can communicate with your camera, so you can say hello to your wife who has returned from work before you, or maybe drive your pet away from places where she has nothing to do.

What would be a home security camera if it did not work in the dark? It is equipped with eight infrared LEDs, providing high quality night time record at three meters.

There are screws attached to the camera, so you can place it on the wall or on the ceiling.

You can save uploaded videos on a microSD card with a maximum size of 32GB, speed class 4 or higher.


Data sheet

Memory capacity:
MicroSD slot, max. 32 GB
345 ° vízszintes és 115 ° -os függőleges látószög, akár 1080p videofelvétel, 8 éjszakai látás infravörös LED
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2,4GHz
Other features:
Two-axis lens movement, motion detection, high-sensitivity dual microphone, speaker
Operating system:
Linux, Yi Home on iOS / Android
110x64x93 mm