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Yi Outdoor Camera - unwrapped

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Xiaomi Yi Outdoor Camera - Security IP camera designed for outdoor use. With a resolution of 1080p and a wide viewing angle of up to 110 °, it can capture a high-quality image. Application control.


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Yi Technology has spent the last 4 years developing hard to bring you your first exterior camera. Top-assembled and re-engineered cutting-edge technology from Yi. It's your new personal guardian, so you do not have to ask neighbors during your stay if they ever check your house.

Design and construction

The safety Yi camera has a minimalist design that combines robustness with elegance while the camera is alert and alert.

The camera is designed to withstand even the most powerful weather conditions. Rain or snow showers, high or frosty temperatures, dust, the camera will really deal with everything.


No matter where you need to have a place in your care, this camera will help you. Can capture clear pictures from underground garages, noisy courtyards, or check your warehouse with it. Whatever is appropriate in any environment, it's really easy to connect the camera around the camera with the outside world.

It comes with a 3-meter cable so you can conveniently select its location. Unlike other external cameras, you do not have to buy an extra elongation camera. Simply pull the cable along the wall and connect it to the nearest socket.

The camera is connected via a USB port, so even if it is not enough, just use a longer USB cable.

Crystal clear image and night vision

An image capture of 1080p and 20 frames per second combined with the white balance and dynamic image processing function reduces image noise and makes it perfectly clean.

A widescreen 110 ° lens and a focal length of 3.9mm is mounted on a rotating bracket. You can rotate the camera in your phone in any direction so you can see it anywhere.

The night sky is beautiful, but the streets can be dangerous. We know that you need high quality sleep, so leave your Yi Outdoor home camera watch. The 12500nm Infrared Night Vision supports an automatic night vision filter that turns itself on in low light. Night vision with 20 frames per second also gives you a seamless image. Night vision provides a visual touch up to 15 meters.

Control applications

The application is free and, of course, available on both Android and iOS. You set the camera at first through the Yi Home App and you can rotate it and take advantage of all of its features from anywhere in the world. The camera then automatically detects the dangers and the built-in speakers start issuing a warning sound to deter an unwanted guest.

Intelligent Motion Detection

We assume you do not want the camera to report you always when you or your family pass by. To avoid these false alarms, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity or the Cove period when you want the room to be monitored. Its optimized intelligent motion detection effectively reduces the number of unsolicited alerts.

Yi Cloud

The camera supports 32GB of memory cards and records the recording in a loop. However, if you want to insure yourself, you can use Xiomi's Yi Cloud service, which offers 7/15/30 day loop recording and you can choose from 9 different packages. As a new user, you will receive a 30 day free trial. So no matter what happens to your external camera, your video will still be safe on Yi Cloud.

You can also share the camera record with your family or friends. You can give up to 5 people who can watch live via a mobile app.



  • Yi Outdoor Camera Outdoor Camera in white
  • camera holder
  • Screwdriver
  • 8 cable fasteners
  • 10 screws + 10 dowels
  • user manual
  • USB cable 3m

Warranty: 24 months


Data sheet

Memory capacity:
MicroSD card slot up to 32GB
1080p HD, 12 850nm infrared night vision, 110 ° wide angle, 3.9mm focal length, temperature range: -15 ° to 50 °
WiFi 2,4 GHz
Other features:
Alarm, Intelligent Motion Detection, Area Alerts, APP / PC multi tracking, device / account sharing
132mmx68mm (holder diameter is 70mm)
252 g
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