Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá
  • Xiaomi špuntová sluchátka černá

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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What about making wireless headphones from the headphones? Add a legacy Bluetooth car radio to your phone? Right from here is Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver! White color


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Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a smart receiver that weighs only 10g, which receives all audio through Bluetooth from your phone or computer and then sends it over a 3.5mm jack to any output device (headphones, speaker, car radio) that you connect to it .

In practice, it means that you can make wireless from your classic wired headphones. Simply plug them into this receiver and send music from your phone via Bluetooth.

Mi Bluetooth Receiver has clips from the back, so you can attach it to your t-shirt. In the gym you can keep your phone at a safe distance so that nothing happens to it, and still listen to the music in the headphones.

The possibilities of use are, of course, wider. Do you have an older car radio that is not yet equipped with Bluetooth? No problem, connect the Mi Receiver to a 3.5mm AUX input and play as you like.

Do you work in the office and have your laptop connected in a docking station, far apart? Once again, you can connect this smart box and play it from Europe to your ears 2.

Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver has an integrated battery that lasts for 4-5 hours of listening. Then recharge it easily through the microUSB connector. You can pair your device with two devices at one time (you can only play one of them at the same time).


  • Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver in white
  • Czech instructions in electronic form on our website

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Data sheet

Bluetooth 4.2, range up to 10m
5,9 x 1,35 cm
up to 4 hours continuous playback

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