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Xiaomi TS Nylon polarized sun glasses
  • Xiaomi TS Nylon polarized sun glasses

Xiaomi TS Nylon polarized sun glasses

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Sunglasses are fitted with stainless steel frames and UV-protected nylon lenses. The double metal nose bridge gives you a better look. Black colour


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Why hihg-end sunglasses prefer nylon polarizing lenses?

Nylon lens is a kind of superfine anti ultraviolet transparent crystal material, which is widely used in aviaton equipment, bulletproof glass and military products. The visible light does not form scattering, and its material itself can block UVA, UVB, different from the film isolation. The polarizing lens is used to glare, scatter light and fold. The light is filtered out to truly represent what it seen, to increase color saturation, and to make the field clearer.

Nylon lens + polarizing film, effectively isolating glare

The nylon polarizing lens filters glare, scattered light and refracted light, so as to show the objects in real wiev, reduce fatigue and make the field of vision clearer. The lenses are made of Japanese omported polarizing film, multilayer protection to restore the true colors, and strenghen and the polarizing effect. It can arrange the light from the horizontal direction of the idiom glasses from all directions and make the wearer feel more comfortable


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