Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses Pro dark blue

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Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses Pro - glasses not only for computers from Xiaomi. With 50 percent blocking of blue light, your eyes will be protected. They will support eye health or the quality of your sleep. Anti-oil filter on both sides of the slides. Bigger size. Comfortable to wear, weight only 16g. Durable protection case included.


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Why buy PC glasses?

  • - They protect your eyes from harmful blue radiation
  • - They provide UV400 protection
  • - Comfortable to wear
  • - You will support the quality of sleep or eliminate headache

Anti-blue-ray glasses that protect your eyes

Yellow is a complementary color of blue, so the glasses on the glasses are colored yellow. The yellow color blocks the blue light coming from the computer monitor or TV screen. Reduce the absorption of blue waves by up to 40% with blocking goggles and give your eyes adequate protection. Blue radiation interferes with the proper functioning of the body by causing damage and dying of healthy cells in the body.

Suitable for everyone

Whether you work at home or in the office and look at your computer screen all day, or you're an avid gaming player, you fall into a group that should protect your eyes. The supply of blue radiation to your eyes not only brings them scratches, you can also feel headache and general fatigue. Radiation also affects the quality of your sleep.


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