Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500 - quieter engine, pressure sensor, three cleaning modes, Bluetooh connection with application - adjustable timer and other modes, position detection, cleaning analysis and subsequent reports, up to 18 days' durability, waterproof IPX7


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The improved version of the electric toothbrush will give you confidence and fresh breath every day! Provides optimum comfort with perfect cleaning. Although visually identical to its predecessor, the main changes took place inside. The second-generation engine will be pleased, now quieter, less vibrating and more user-friendly. The brush has a pressure sensor in the lid to alert you that you are pushing too hard on your teeth.

By linking the brush to Mi Home, you can then analyze your cleaning reports and improve over time. You can also set other modes in the app, and each family member can fully customize the brush's behavior from a different timer to other cleaning modes.

Main features

  • - 31,000 vibrations / min
  • - Three basic cleaning modes incl. bleach mode and other settings through the app
  • - Stainless steel brush head - metal free, high quality DuPont bristles
  • - Reporting cleaning habits through Bluetooth connectivity with your phone
  • - Pressure sensor - warning of excessive pressure on the brush
  • - Up to 18 days on a single charge
  • - Induction charger - full waterproof IPX7 brush


Intelligent tooth protection

The revolutionary brush operation will take care of high-frequency vibrating magnetic motor, which after updating the previous models will not bother you with unnecessary noise. With then vibration 31,000 times a minute easily brushes teeth and removes any unwanted stains. The torque output thus reaches 230 gf.cm and keeps the bristles in a stable 10° swing.

Your teeth will reward you

The brush head is made of stainless steel and free of metal. The number of bristles on the electric brush increased by 40% compared to previous models. The contact area between the bristles and the tooth surface is thus increased and cleaning becomes more efficient. The brush can also evaluate the degree of pressure on your gums and warns you by gentle ribbing that you need to relax.

IPX7 waterproof grade, high quality bristles

Electric brushes from Xiaomi are known for soft bristles from American DuPont, and this model is no different. The bristles meet all requirements, plus they are UV sterilized and vacuum packed to ensure that the brush is safe and especially hygienic. The brush receives multiple water injection processes to achieve IPX7 certification.

Select a cleaning mode

The brush has three cleaning modes that you choose according to your current preferences:
- Standard - suitable for everyday brushing
- Soft - recommended for brushing sensitive teeth
- Customized - an application-driven mode that you can customize to suit your needs

Wireless charging

Brush lasts 18 days on a single charge, so you can pack it on the road. You can check the remaining battery with the app, where you can see exactly how long the brush will last "alive". To charge, just place the brush in the charging station and you can relax.

Control via application

You can customize the cleaning mode to suit your preference and usage. There is also a 10 second reminder that you can change the cleaning area.

Package contain: 

  • - Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500
  • - Brush head + protective cover on it
  • - Protective cover
  • - Induction charging station (without adapters)
  • - 3x colored circle (for different users)
  • - User manual


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