Spare brush heads for Xiaomi Soocas X3 Electric Toothbrush (3 pcs)

Reference: 1933

Spare Xiaomi Soocas X3 Electric Toothbrush brush head. Three pieces in the package.


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Replacement toothbrush head

The double cambered bristles fit your tooth curve, can reach the deep of your tooth gap that the manual toothbrush cannot reach, it is suitable for daily tooth cleaning

High polishing rate of the bristles

The polished SOOCAS bristles are semicircle or approximate semicircle, and the unpolished bristles are sharp zigzag shape when magnified 100 times, will severaly damage your gums while using. You cannot see the detail, but do it for you

Snap-in design, easy instalation

The brush can be vertically inserted into the grip, easy to clean and replace

90 days brush head changing reminding

Can know when to change the brush head via App, convenient to use