Xiaomi Electric Shaver - head replace
  • Xiaomi Electric Shaver - head replace

Xiaomi Electric Shaver - head replace

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Xiaomi Electric Shaver Replacement Heads - Replace the shaving head, and again get the full shaving power of your machine for perfectly smooth faces. Replacement is recommended in normal use every 2 years.


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New face is on the way!

In the course of two years your razor cuts 9 million hairs on your face, so change the shaving heads regularly every 2 years. This will give you 100% performance for perfectly smooth shaving. Keep your shaver as new and in perfect condition!

Key properties

• Perfect shaving thanks to the Xiaomi and Remington brands

• 3 flexible floating heads adjust to suit your face

• You can also handle the finest beard

• Thanks to water resistance, the machine is suitable for dry and wet shaving

• On one charge it will last for a whole month

Thorough and fast shave. These are two things every man desires, and therefore two basic requirements for each shaving machine. The ultimate user experience and, in particular, the shaving result guarantees the combination of Xiaomi, modern electronics specialists and Remington, a shaving specialist with more than 100 years of tradition. The fact that no corners of your face are omitted provides a flexible floating head that actively adapts to the contours of the face. The battery has a high standard of durability and can be recharged lightning-fast. This and countless other features make the razor blade your indispensable partner.

Bye bye stubble!

The complexity of contours in the face and the varied direction of beard growth require a flexible lip. Thanks to the 360 ​​° floating system and the special design of all 3 shaving heads, the machine is successful even in hard-to-reach places and leaves no slice of stubble. Shaving heads are additionally equipped with a double ring milling cutter and two ring blades, which means 45 teeth in the inner and 90 in the outer ring.


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Other features:
Mokré i suché holení, IPX7 voděodolnost, omyvatelný,
PPG povrch, břity z kvalitní oceli