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Claims and Service

Sometimes it can happen, that robot in a factory got out of bed on the wrong side, and your lovely Xiaomi will go wrong. There's nothing easier than sending it to our service, where we take a look at it. We provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs, especially cracked LCDs, speaker replacements, and so on.

Warranty service

If you purchased goods in our shop and it broke down during the warranty period, you are entitled to a free repair. Before you send us the goods, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. You may find a solution to your problem, so you can save yourself the trouble of sending items that are only wrongly set up. If you have not seen the answer, send the device to us at Římská 24, 120 00, Prague 2.

Complaints take place following our Complaints Procedure.

How to send us the goods?

  • Please fill out this form to help us identify the problem, and we will also know where to send the goods after the repair, and print it out.
  • Store the goods together with the copy of the invoice and the completed form, then wrap it in a firm box so that they can not be damaged during transport
  • Send the goods to:

  • Xiaomi-Store.cz
    Římská 24
    120 00 Praha 2

    Please write the number +420 725 435 615 as a contact phone. Write "RETURN" on the consignment. If you are interested in personally delivering the goods to the claim, this is also possible, again at the above address. Opening hours and more details can be found here.

For our customers, we offer a discount of -15% on LCD replacement!

Non-warranty service

We also provide non-warranty service for equipment not purchased in our store.

The prices below are approximate, including VAT, and do not include postage -governed by our pricelist.

Express service

Do you need to repair the phone right now? On Wednesdays or Fridays, we provide express repairs! Email us at info@xiaomi-store.cz and agree on the date and hour.

Please back up your mobile phone before updating your system.

In the case of an update, all data will be deleted.

If you are interested in the repair, please contact us either by phone at 725 435 615 or by e-mail at info@xiaomi-store.cz (contact form here). We will confirm whether the spare parts are currently in stock or how long the repair will last. The address for delivery of the repair goods is the same as for the warranty service:


Římská 24
120 00

Praha 2






Redmi 4x Global  1 990 Kč

Redmi 5 Plus                                                          

Redmi 5

Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 4 Global

Redmi Note 5

Redmi Note 6 




Mi Max 1 , 2

Mi A1

Mi A2 Lite

Mi A2

Poco F1 

Mi 8

2 590 Kč

2 090 Kč

2 190 Kč

2 590 Kč

2 590 Kč

2 690 Kč

2 590 Kč

2 190 Kč

3 900 Kč

2 990 Kč

2 590 Kč

2 290 Kč

2 690 Kč

2 690 Kč

4 290 Kč




590 Kč


                                         HEADPHONE CONNECTOR

590 Kč


590 - 790 Kč


590 Kč

                                         SOFTWARE REINSTALLATION


490 Kč

                                         OXIDATION CLEANING

1200 Kč

                                         XIAOMI ACCOUNT  REMOVAL

2390 Kč



                                         BATTERY CHANGE

1990 Kč

                                         LDiS SENSOR

2990 Kč

                                         SUCTION ENGINE

2290 Kč


  990 Kč