Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions you ask us. We will save you time spent searching for information on the entire web or by contacting us.

As for mobile phones, please distinguish between software questions - so some applications, settings, updates, operating system, etc., or if you ask the phone as it is - batteries, buttons, color, equipment, etc. You can find the software in the MIUI subsection, the answers to the hardware page can be found under each phone model.


When will I get the goods?

If the goods are stated to be in stock and you are ordering them on a working day until 15:00 in the case of any courier delivery service or by 12:00 in the case of Zásilkovna and Czech Post/Slovak post/ Austria post, then you will receive the next working day within the Czech Republic. If you order in Slovakia, then you can expect to receive the shipment within two business days (order on Monday and Wednesday for a shipment at home). If you are ordering to other EU countries, the delivery time is approximately 2-4 days. More about shipping and payment here. In the case of personal picking in Prague, you can pick it up usually on the same day of the order. More about personal pickup here.

Do you have the goods in stock?

Yes, if you see the inscription ON STOCK at the e-shop, we have it ready for you to order and ship in our warehouse in the center of Prague. Rarely, the data in the e-shop disagree with reality, but only very sporadically such situation may occur.

Where can I pick up the goods personally?

Personally you can pick up at the adress Římská 24, Praha. You can find more detailed information about personal pickup here.

Is it possible to check the goods before buying?

Definitely ! Stop by our shop at the adress Římská 24, Praha - Vinohrady. You can find opening hours, contact and more here.

Mobile phones

MIUI (software)

How do I update the operating system on my phone?

It really depends on a specific phone and from which operating system version you update. For more information, please visit our blog where you'll find a video and a procedure in case the update failed at first attempt.

Mobile phones in general(hardware)

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Xiaomi MiBand

I bought MiBand, but I do not know how to connect it to the phone. Can you help me?

Please take a look into Tutorials section for instructions on how to connect MiBand with your phone. For Android phones, you need to download the MiFit application from the site, which is completely in every language and via which you control MiBand. For Apple iPhone phones, you can also find MiFit in AppStor, unfortunately only in English.

I've been using MiBand for months, but suddenly it stopped working. It does not want to connect with the phone at all, can you help me?

The basis is that MiBand is properly charged via the supplied charger. You can recognize the maximum charge level when all three diodes are on during charging, and they are no blinking. Then try updating MiFit on your phone to the latest version. For android you can find it at After installation, try disconnecting your MiBand and pairing it again. To disconnect, go to MiFit under My Devices-> Miband-> Disconnect (at the bottom of the screen) If you can not even find it on your phone, let's look at it with us.  "Reklamace a servis".

I can't find all featurs of Mi Band. What does it measure? 

Please check our blog article, we have documented the MiBand function, and we update the article on a regular basis when some are added.

What phones and operating systems is MiBand compatible with?

MiBand works best with phones running Android 4.4 or higher. Even with version 4.3, MiBand will work, but not all features are available. Earlier versions of Android do not even have the price to test, the application is no longer supported. You can check your Android version on most phones on the Settings-> Device Info-> Android Version. You can also use MiBand with iOS and Windows Phone phones. For Apple phones, download the MiFit AppStor app. Unfortunately, there is no official app for Windows Phone, but you can try app "Bind Mi Band", "Mi Band Companion" or "MiBand Tracker" and choose your preferred one.

Xiaomi Yi Sports camera

I bought the Xiaomi Yi camera, but I do not know how to connect it to the phone, can you help me?

Please see the Tutorials section for instructions on how to connect the camera to the phone. For Android phones, you need to download the YiSport application from the site, which is completely in Czech / Slovak / English and through which you control the camera. For Apple iPhone phones, then, in AppStor, you'll find the Xiaoyi Action Camera (YiCam), unfortunately only in English.

Is the camera waterproof by itself?

The camera is unfortunately not waterproof or watertight and it is necessary to purchase a waterproof case that you can find here.

Xiaomi Powerbanks

How long is the powerbank charging? 

It really depends on the charger you are charging with and how long you have the USB cable. We recommend using the charger from a tablet that has a 2A output. You can charge PowerBank much faster. In the table, you can find information about the charging time for each model:

Model 1A charger 2A charger
5000mAh - 3,5 hod
10000mAh 10 hod 5,5 hod
16000mAh 14,5 hod 9 hod

I have Powerbank with a capacity of 5000mAh and a mobile phone with a battery of 2300mAh. Still, PowerBank does not charge it twice as full, is it possible?

On our blog you will find an article dedicated to this topic. You can read it here.


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