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Waterproof Case for Yi 4K Camera
  • Waterproof Case for Yi 4K Camera
  • Waterproof Case for Yi 4K Camera
  • Waterproof Case for Yi 4K Camera

Waterproof Case for Yi 4K Camera

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Original waterproof case for Yi 4K camera. Waterproof to depths of 40m, resistant to impact, dust, pressure, high quality processing, GoPro-compatible accessories, ultra-white glass B270 and others.

Compatible with: Yi 4K / Yi 4K+ / Yi Lite / Yi Discovery


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The original Yi 4K waterproof case is a must-have for all active users. The case is waterproof up to 40m, shockproof, withstands high water pressure and survives up to -30 ° C.

Space inside the camera case is hermetically sealed and has a mist protection. All fasteners can be handled comfortably by hand, no tools are needed, and are made of very solid plastic and stainless steel. The lens cover is made of ultra-white glass B270, which delivers up to 98.5% of light and ensures maximum sharpness of action over water and underwater

The Yi 4K camera has a touch screen, which of course can not be controlled in the case. In this case, just put the camera in "In Housing Mode" and individual camera modes can be changed using the HW buttons.

The case also includes a tripod mount, as well as a plastic holder to attach various accessories compatible with GoPro / Niceboy / Lamax / SJCam cameras, like helmet mounts, bike mounts and variety of holders, suction cups etc.

Material: plastic, glass, metallic elements

Color: clear with white elements

Package includes: waterproof case, tripod mount

Recommendation: Try the case first with a camera without a camera. It may happen that you just come across a defective piece, so it would be a shame to unnecessarily break the camera.

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