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Xiaomi Mi Scale
  • Xiaomi Mi Scale
  • Xiaomi Mi Scale
  • Xiaomi Mi Scale
  • Xiaomi Mi Scale
  • Xiaomi Mi Scale

Xiaomi Mi Scale

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Health manager of your entire family. This is the new Xiaomi Scale. Along with it, MiFit and Health Kit, you can always control  your weight on your own.

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Xiaomi Scale will become a beautiful addition to your home. It does't only looks good but also offers plenty of clever features. The balance can be combined with the MiFit application, which you know well from MiBand and then create statistics on how your weight and BMI change over time. You can rely on the entire family, the weight can be remembered by up to 16 people and automatically assigns to each member of the household the relevant statistics, assuming that everyone does not feel the same :-)

The weighing range is 5-150kg with an accuracy of 50g. The weight is powered by four AA batteries that are not included in the package.



For precision measurements, use high-precision instrumen

Even small weigh changes are important for you.

Whether you are running, reinforcing, going to buy something nice to yourself or just for a walk with a dog, Xiaomi's weight will record changes to 50g accuracy.

Connect your Xiaomi Scale with a mobile phone with MiFit that is available for both Android (4.4 and higher) and iOS (7th and higher, the ability to transfer values ​​to the Health Kit) to gain insight into your health. Watch the curves of your physical changes throughout the day, measure the BMI, and apply a suitable fitness program and diet regimen. You can also set your weight target and watch you slowly approach it.

The connection takes place using Bluetooth 4.0, which itself has very low power consumption and the battery should last up to 1 year.

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Intelligent analysis

Weight Xiaomi recognizes based on the physical data of each member of your family. Adult and child. Up to 16 specific users. The weight then smartly assigns specific measurement results based on the weight of each household member. It is not necessary to pair the weight-based phone at each weigh. Xiaomi Scale remembers up to 800 measured values, and these values ​​are transferred when pairing and syncing with the phone.


Ultra-white hardened glass

From the very beginning, we were committed to creating a simply beautiful and safe product. We inspired hi-tech materials and used robust, ultra-white, tempered glass with a light transmission of more than 91.5 percent. Its crystal clear, smooth and delicate structure will become a wonderful addition to any household.

The weight is tested for falling objects from a height of 1 m and effectively protected against the penetration of dust, hair or moisture.


Automatic brightness sensor

With an innovative spectral separation device, the balance can recognize the brightness of the surroundings and adjust the readability of the display to any lighting situation. With 161 LEDs, you can easily read the data both on a sunny day and in complete darkness.


Each Xiaomi Scale purchased from us will include the following

- Xiaomi Scale digital smart balance in white

- instructions in electronic form to download on our website

Warranty: 24 months