Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H

Reference: 2003

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H - intelligent air purifier with fully automatic operation. The laser sensor measures the concentration of particles smaller than 0.3μm and subsequently controls the performance of the plant. Cleaning speed up to 260m3/h, control via mobile application.


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Basic Air Purifier info

  • - The HEPA filter more effectively eliminates PM2.5 particles at size 0.3 µm
  • - Cleaning speed 260 m³/h
  • - Removes dust, pollen, chemicals, animal hair from the air 100%
  • - Effective cleaning of the 18 - 31 m² yard up to 20 minutes
  • - Automatic steering mode and silent operation
  • - Control via mobile application
  • - Connect with Google Assistent and Amazon Alexa
  • - Air quality sensor

Breathe clean air not only in nature

The high pressure inside the scrubber causes higher air circulation, which cleans the room air of harmful parts and dust at 260 m³/h. This means the room can be cleaned in as little as 20 minutes in an ultra-quiet operation! The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H was inspired by aircraft engines as well as an aerodynamic pressure system that pulls particles in through the base and pushes them upwards with great force, where they are then filtered out. The HEPA filter, which is supplied with the plant, captures all large particles such as harmful chemicals, plant pollen, animal hair or cigarette odors. PM2.5 particles (up to 0.3 µm) are filtered to 99.97%.

Air completely under control

You can also use the mobile phone to control the plant remotely. You can turn it on so easily before coming home, and vice versa if you forget to turn it off, it won't be a problem either. Instruct the app to turn it off with a few touches. Mi Home App also allows you to monitor the air quality in the room at any time directly from your phone. The purifier allows fully automatic operation, the default is Night Shift, where you do not have to worry that the cleaner will wake you to strange sounds - noise is eliminated to an absolute minimum. And if you are a more demanding user, in the mobile app you can configure your own user mode to suit exactly your requirements.

Package contains

- Air purifier
- HEPA filter
- Power cable
- Instructions for download in electronic form

Warranty: 24 months


Data sheet

Other features:
Cleaning speed up to 310m3 / h, recommended max. Cleaning room size 21m2 - 32m2, air quality sensor, temperature and humidity control via mobile application
4,5 kg (including filter)
ABS plastic
Input voltage:
AC 100-220V 50/60Hz