Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Reference: 2005

Replacement HEPA filter for air purifiers from Xiaomi. Suitable for all models. The most advanced filter version, cleaning even the microscopic PM2.5 particles.


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About filter

  • - The HEPA filter also effectively eliminates PM2.5 particles of 0.3 µm
  • - 100% removes dust, pollen, chemicals, fur from animals - very suitable for allergy sufferers in spring
  • - Designed for all Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier models

It can kill the bacteria

Our product contains high-efficiency filter material, which can effectively intercept and kill bacteria, mycete and mites. The HEPA filter, which is supplied with the plant, captures all large particles such as harmful chemicals, plant pollen, animal hair or cigarette odors. PM2.5 particles (up to 0.3 µm) are filtered to 99.97%.

Performance is brilliant

You can use this filter for 1 year, but we suggest, it should be replaced every 3-6 months. With the increase of using time, the filter and the activated carbon will absorb particles and chemical substance, which can cause secondary contamination. Our APP will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced


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